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awardsalternativeinvestment wealth&finance2016 2828 Broadridge Investment Management Solutions awardsalternativeinvestment wealth&finance2016 28 www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 29 Best Investment Management Software Firm 2016 & Most Innovative Portfolio Management Solution: Portfolio Master Broadridge is the leading provider of investor communications and technology-driven solutions for wealth management, asset management and capital markets firms. We interviewed Bennett Egeth, President of Broadridge Investment Management, Reference Data and Risk Solutions, to talk us through the latest market developments and how the firm is adapting around these. Company: Broadridge Website: http://www.broadridge.com/ The Broadridge Investment Management Solutions business services more than 250 global hedge funds, hedge fund administrators, asset managers, family offices and prime brokers, providing services such as portfolio accounting, order management, compliance, risk, data ware- housing, reconciliations, regulatory reporting, and data management. While some firms utilize Broadridge for its expertise in providing one of these services, Egeth explains how many other clients are seeking to partner with the firm for its ability to offer a platform that combines these technological capabilities. He says that in the past, the perception among hedge fund managers when launching their fund was that they needed a large IT infrastruc- ture in place, which typically involved buying a substantial portfolio accounting system and other “best of breed” technologies from various vendors. In their eyes, this was the infrastructure that institutional inves- tors expected to see, as it served as a signal of the manager’s intent and reflected their commitment to growing and supporting the business. “Over the last decade the approach to running a hedge fund’s opera- tions has changed markedly, thanks largely to improvements in technol- ogy. The approach to building complex, multifaceted IT infrastructures and operations models internally is no longer viewed as the best model for managers to support their businesses. New options and models have challenged the definition of what is “Best of Breed.” Now firms are seeking integrated solutions provided and managed by well capitalized partners,” he says. Broadridge’s modular suite of investment management solutions combines portfolio management, order management, risk management, reference data management, data warehousing, reporting and analytics, and reconciliation functionality in a single, multi-asset, completely integrated application, or as separate point solutions. Today, firms can buy products, solutions, managed services, data cleansing, hosting, IT accounting and administrative services as components or bundled together. “Our vast client list is also a competitive advantage for our firm, as we work across a wide range of asset classes and financial markets, ensur- ing that we have the expertise to support clients. This is particularly vital in today’s market, where differentiation is a key focus.” “By managing complexity, we allow clients to capture an order and automatically reconcile trade files to prime brokers, as well as provide a daily NAV to their administrator. This enables them to focus on differ- entiating activities like alpha generation and capital raising. Because we cover virtually every asset class globally, our clients can consolidate multiple platforms onto a single product suite,” Egeth said. Looking to the future, Egeth outlines a number of exciting areas of focus for Broadridge Investment Management Solutions. “Today, our global portfolio management solution enables hedge funds and asset managers to institutionalize their infrastructure and realize significant operational efficiencies by having their order management, portfolio accounting and risk management on a common platform.” “Longer term, we are eager to move into new markets, and are looking into working in the institutional finance and family office markets, as we believe these are key areas for growth. Our recent acquisition of QED Financial Systems, a leading provider of investment accounting solutions, provided us with enhanced accounting capabilities and data management solutions, which allowed us to enhance our service offer- ing and strengthen the support we can provide our clients. All of these opportunities will provide us with the chance to grow and develop as a business, so the future will be an exciting time for Broadridge.” Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: BR) is the leading provider of investor communications and technology-driven solutions for bro- ker-dealers, banks, mutual funds and other corporations. Broadridge’s investor and customer communications, securities processing and man- aged services solutions help clients reduce their capital investments in operations infrastructure, allowing them to increase their focus on core business activities. AI16071