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How Blockchain Could Upset and Facilitate Business

The NACD and industry experts from Broadridge explain the technology and why it belongs on boardroom agendas.

How Blockchain Could Upset and Facilitate Business

It could turn out to be the most disruptive technology since the Internet. But what is blockchain and why should it be addressed at the boardroom table?

Perhaps the most well-known form of distributed ledger technology, blockchain has been a recurring news item over the course of the past year. Its applications have been mostly in the financial sector, but it is gaining traction. That’s why it is imperative for directors to gain a fundamental understanding of the technology and how it can disrupt their organizations.  

Blockchain, due to its newness and technical complexity, may seem especially daunting, but because it is a formidable area of risk, it should be a part of boardroom conversations.  

In its “Boardroom Guide to Blockchain,” the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) explores the wide-reaching implications of blockchain. Broadridge’s Horacio Barakat, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, and Lyell Dampeer, Corporate Vice President of U.S. Investor Solutions, weigh in, along with Stuart R. Levine, Chair and CEO of Stuart Levine & Associates and a Broadridge director.