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Five Strategies for Retirement CX

How providers and sponsors should be thinking about Retirement CX.

With unemployment at a 50-year low, finding and retaining qualified talent for organizations is more challenging than ever. Organizations must get serious about providing programs that keep their workers more productive, less stressed and happier in their jobs. And a retirement plan that delivers a great experience can be an effective tool in attracting and retaining today’s hard to find talent.

Five Strategies for Retirement CX.

  1. Make it convenient. We live in an increasingly digital world – and capitalizing on that can dramatically increase retirement-program enrollment. For example, enrollment opt-ins are 75% more likely when communications include a text short code for anywhere, anytime, instant enrollment.
  2. Make it simple. There’s an extensive body of work that explores choice. The bottom line: Provide too many options, and analysis paralysis kicks in. Automatic enrollment and plan design that narrow choices for enrollees and existing participants alike can help boost both participation and satisfaction. Effective plan level/sponsor level defaults may be:
    • Age-based
    • Allocation-based
    • Personalized
    • Pre-built into packages
  3. Make it right. When it comes to user interfaces, the devil is in the details. From buttons to colors to fonts and more, it pays to do the customer-facing work it takes to create an optimal self-service experience. Usability is key, both for plan participants and for those who provide them with customer service.
  4. Make it real. So much happens in real-time today. Consumers expect it. So, ensure that the people who need to know – the marketers and experience specialists within your organization – have the real-time visibility they require. A constant, continuous feedback loop keeps organizations on top of performance and participant needs.
  5. Make it secure. Data privacy and security is paramount. The more confident participants are in your providers, solutions and systems, the more information they’ll share. The more information they share, the better you can serve them.

Broadridge can help.

Organizational, technological, regulatory and legislative changes are a constant. Effective retirement programs take these changes in stride. Broadridge helps plan providers deliver efficient, convenient and compelling experiences, making it easier for employees to enroll, invest and, ultimately retire on a more predictable, profitable timetable. To learn how to enhance CX, ease investment decisions and bolster trust, contact us today.

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