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DLT in the Real World 2024

After five years of tracking Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and digital asset development, the landscape of digital asset liquidity in 2024 is taking shape. This report presents key findings from our Q2 2024 market survey, which gathered detailed insights from 343 respondents worldwide. It provides a comprehensive overview of how and where DLT is being utilized, offering valuable data to support your organization’s digital transformation initiatives.

Download the 2024 Key Findings

Key Findings for 2024 | At-A-Glance

Where are we in the journey?

  • DLT has never been more important: FMIs and wealth managers see it as at least 10% more important than 2023.
  • Deeper, not wider: we are not running more new projects in 2024 – with a stable level of live deployments at 37%.

Why and where is digital liquidity forming?

  • 66% of our initiatives are now driven by cost, revenue and treasury benefits, replacing learning as our core drivers
  • 80% of investors see DLT as an enabler for distribution

How can we accelerate growth?

  • 75% now struggle with DLT and digital assets, mainly because we’re using it differently.
  • Addressing ROI, liquidity and regulatory clarity would help 75% of the sell side.
  • Legal clarity is the #1 reason preventing investors from holding digital assets.

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