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4 Ways to Land Millennials

This generation, poised to dominate financial markets in years to come, presents huge opportunity for financial advisors.

4 Ways to Land Millennials

There is no shortage of studies and statistics about millennials. Yet they remain something of an anomaly – and an elusive prospect – for many advisors. The latest findings show that this generation, the oldest of which are now turning 41, are open to taking greater financial risks, crave personal attention from their advisors and prefer frequent communication. This untapped market presents unprecedented opportunity – over 24 million are not participating in retirement plans, 70 percent don’t have an advisor – yet they will receive a wealth transfer of $30 trillion over the coming years. How can you make a connection to land the next, great generational cohort? Broadridge’s Donna Bristow looks at four key ways that advisors can adapt their offering to appeal to this group and capitalize on this significant opportunity.