Intelligent Prospecting

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Become a bionic advisor

  • Prospect Wealth Level
  • Prospect Wealth Objectives
  • Prospect Compatibility
  • Best Action Recommendation
  • Automatic Content Matching
  • Multi-Channel Publishing

Detailed Information

Meaningful connections convert more prospects. That’s why top advisors rely on cognitive computing to gain insight into what prospects want and need. Broadridge Smart Insights™ supports enhanced prospect profiles and automated content recommendations, so you can engage prospects more effectively.

This solution is included in these Packages:

Grow Relationships, Grow Customers, Grow Business

Technological advancements have left consumers expecting more from every company, from massive retailors to small business owners. But with growing responsibilities, today’s advisor has less time to manage relationships and to connect with prospects. That’s where Smart Insights™ delivers, providing you the ability to continue to make those prompt, personal interactions without exhausting your already limited time:

  • Harness detailed profiles of each prospect so you understand what drives their decisions
  • Deliver personalized connections at the right time through the right channel
  • Automated content matching and multi-channel publishing creates communication touch-points, freeing up your time for client presentations and conversations

The Power of AI

Combining rich data, artificial intelligence, and your detailed financial knowledge creates powerful marketing possibilities. When you take advantage of Broadridge’s Intelligent Prospecting offerings, you gain access to:

  • Unique insights derived from proprietary data
  • Detailed analytics
  • Systematic engagement through automated content marketing
  • Secure, multi-channel platform