The 3 Cs of Content — A Webinar with Jim Walsh

Broadridge VP of Content, Jim Walsh, talks about what’s evolving in the finance industry

Content is King. But what type of content grabs and holds the attention of clients and prospects alike? Content that is current, credible and compelling.

In today’s unpredictable economy, people need to know what’s happening in the financial industry. They’re inundated with information from every direction but still may not be getting straight-forward answers to pressing questions such as, “How might today’s business climate affect my financial goals?” or “Is it time for a new retirement strategy?”

You need content you can count on to help your clients and prospects stay on top of financial developments that might affect their future. Data and analytics can tell us what type of content is relevant for a particular audience. Also, our team of writers, editors and video makers are committed to researching the financial industry to learn everything that is happening right now.

Jim Walsh has been creating diverse financial content for over 20 years. Watch our webinar to learn how content has evolved, how it’s changing now, and how you might use those changes to help grow your client base.

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