Pareto Webinar: Strategic Planning for 2021

Refine your marketing strategy with Pareto Systems CEO, Duncan MacPherson

Have you created a strategic plan for the coming year? Do you need to make refinements to an existing one? Have you had a strategic planning meeting with your team?

By refining your plan, you’ll create a strategy that better serves you and your team, is more actionable and reliable, and consists of goals that are balanced, clear and attainable

Strategic plans can have real value if they are referred to regularly and adjusted as needed. Are you meeting your targets? If not, what can be done to bring you back on track? What needs to be adjusted in your business activities to ensure the desired outcomes? What changes must be implemented to better serve your clients?

Pareto Systems CEO, Duncan MacPherson, explains the steps to take with your team to make a strategic plan an integral part of your business and an invaluable reference tool that won’t be filed away and forgotten.

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