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Global Class Action Team Bios

Broadridge combines a 50-year track record servicing the financial services industry with deep class action expertise to help you simplify the complex.

Executive Class Action Leadership


Steve Cirami, ESQ

VP, Head of Class Actions and Corporate Actions

Steve has over 20 years of class action industry experience ranging from attorney, to court-appointed class action expert, to Global Head of one of the largest class action claims administration companies. As the Head of Corporate Action and Global Class Action Services, Steve is building on Broadridge’s unmatched resources in the financial industry and its 10 years of complex securities claims filing services to expand its service offerings and enhance operational excellence.
Christi Cannon, ESQ

Christi Cannon, ESQ

VP, Global Class Actions

Christi has 25 years of experience in class action litigation, administration and asset recovery, including Executive leadership roles at a leading global claims administration company. With a litigation background in securities class actions and long-standing relationships in the industry, Christi provides informed, custom solutions for client asset recovery via class action and collective proceedings worldwide, while helping deliver operational excellence to Broadridge clients.
Dara Vogelman

Dara Vogelman

VP, Product Sales

Dara leads Broadridge’s sales and business development initiatives for Global Class Actions, bringing over 15 years of experience in financial services spanning global markets and Fintech solutions. Dara and her team are committed to helping brokers, custodians, asset managers and institutional investors solve business challenges and implement industry-leading class action recovery programs, so they can fulfill their fiduciary obligations and focus on core objectives.
 Trip Chong

Trip Chong

Director, Business Development

Trip has over 13 years industry experience in securities group investor actions with particular focus on international jurisdictions. Previous leadership roles in business development, operations and client services have enabled Trip to build strong, long term relationships with institutional clients and industry partners in order to deliver the highest standard of services in the securities litigation arena. Trip has an excellent understanding of client needs and has developed services and opportunities to meet those client expectations. Working closely with law firms, litigation funders and investor rights groups has enabled Trip to help clients navigate the complex landscape of international securities litigation.
Michael Dignam

Michael Dignam

President, Broadridge Canada

Michael is responsible for all aspects of our business in Canada. He previously served as President of Broadridge Canadian Securities Processing Solutions and led the Broadridge acquisition of RPM Technologies. Earlier, Michael was also actively involved in many client implementations across Canada and managed the Client Services division. He first joined ADP’s Brokerage Services Group in 1981 shortly after the opening of the Canadian business.

Senior Class Action Leadership


Stephanie Caracciolo

Director, Client Services

Stephanie joined Broadridge in 2001, and brings a wealth of Mutual Fund distribution and relationship management knowledge to her current role. She currently manages the class action distribution process to ensure clients receive pertinent details for material case events, leveraging sophisticated technology to automate the shareholder data retrieval and event notification process.
Ed Crespo

Ed Crespo

Director, Client Services

Ed has 35 years of industry experience in corporate actions, mutual funds and class action operations, including over 20 years at Broadridge. He is highly experienced, maintaining a focus on ensuring premiere levels of client service. Ed works with some of the largest financial institutions in the world to facilitate their investor communication and asset recovery needs.

Kevin Doyle, ESQ

Director, Client Services

Kevin has 9 years of experience as a class action claims administrator, including in complex and high-volume administrations. He understands complicated claims and the work that goes into filing them, having successfully managed teams of 100+ attorneys who were responsible for reviewing claims. With a background including law practice, Kevin is a highly responsive resource to Broadridge clients as he helps them decipher complex court and settlement requirements and turn them into complete and accurate claims to meet their business goals.

Nafizul Haque

Director, Operations

As Operations lead for Global Class Action Services, Nafizul brings 11 years of significant complex class action subject matter expertise to bear on every client program. He has successfully blended data and technology with operations and quality assurance to promote accuracy and operational efficiencies throughout our organization, with a particular focus on efficiencies in data onboarding and analysis, automated processes and client-facing tasks.

Erin Johnston

Manager of Class Action Distribution, Payment and Operational Finance

Erin has 15 years of class action expertise, most recently serving as a senior financial operations manager at a large legal administration company serving the global community. Erin’s expertise lies in all things financial as they relate to the class action process and, as such, supports Broadridge clients at the payment, reconciliation and distribution stage.
David Malmstrom, ESQ

David Malmstrom, ESQ

Manager, Global Class Actions

David has a decade of complex litigation experience, with a primary focus on class actions and mass torts. His high-level qualitative and quantitative research experience allows him to monitor and analyze accurately the global securities litigation industry, drawing key insights to drive strategy for the Broadridge Global Class Action Services team while developing Broadridge’s global securities database.

Ellen Riley

Senior Director,
Operational Accuracy and Client Advocacy

Ellen has more than 25 years of complex claims administration experience, in-depth case knowledge and process expertise, making her an invaluable asset to the Broadridge Global Class Action Services team. She plays a key role in ensuring Broadridge implements best practices and processes in claims preparation and submission. Ellen is a knowledgeable advocate for clients in litigation and settlement settings, where required, to ensure proper calculations and maximum payment.

Michelle Smith

Manager, Operations

Michelle, who has 15 years of class action expertise, has made her career in managing some of the most complex and data intensive securities and antitrust class actions involving financial instruments at a leading global class action administrator. She has held client-facing, operational and quality assurance roles in hundreds of class action programs. At Broadridge, Michelle works with our clients to ensure effective onboarding and data intake, manages our operational team and processes to ensure maximum recovery, and personally oversees the filing process of every antitrust settlement.
Brian Stone, ESQ

Brian Stone, ESQ

Director, Client Services

Brian leads a team of Relationship Managers for Broadridge’s class action asset recovery business. He brings over a decade of experience from the class action administration industry, where he held management positions at some of the leading global class action administrators. He has managed operations teams that have distributed billions of dollars and overseen administrations in the United States, Canada, Europe and South Africa.
Jodi Ventriglia

Jodi Ventriglia

Director, Special Projects

Jodi has worked in the corporate action and class action fields for over 15 years, with a focus on client service, data analytics and mining, and process automation and improvement. She has played key roles in historic class action settlements involving publicly-traded securities and has particular expertise in both complex financial instruments and atypical proceedings that have implications to equity holders. Her versatile background in the industry combined with her robust skill set provides highly specialized value to Broadridge and its clients, underscoring both the expertise and the advocacy of the Broadridge team.

Product Specialist


Sam Caust

Account Executive, Sales

Sam has been with Broadridge for more than 6 years. He works with clients in North America, Europe and Asia to help them identify their global class action asset recovery gaps and to develop a streamlined recovery program that meets the business needs of their internal stakeholders and customers. Sam brings a valuable background in institutional business intelligence and thought leadership for global fund managers to all of his client relationships at Broadridge.
Danielle Genovese

Danielle Genovese

Senior Account Executive, Sales

Danielle Genovese has been with Broadridge since 2012 and has worked with Global Class Action Services clients as a Product Specialist for more than 8 years. She partners with our clients to uncover new opportunities and implement global class action solutions to enable their business objectives. Danielle is a trusted advisor to Broadridge GCAS clients across all industry segments worldwide.

Robert Marotta

Director, Sales

Robert has 15 years of experience at Broadridge developing and maintaining relationships with Buy Side Institutional Asset Management firms and Hedge Funds. He is an expert in the global class action recovery process from start to finish and has helped hundreds of clients implement Broadridge’s GCAS solutions to maximize their recoveries in this growing and dynamic space.

Ryan Mulligan

Senior Director, Sales

Ryan has been with Broadridge for 16 years. During his tenure at Broadridge, Ryan has helped Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, RIAs, Public Funds and other institutions implement cost-efficient automated proxy voting and class action solutions and workflow. He has over 23 years of Fintech sales and relationship management experience, which allow him to quickly identify client needs in this space and offer solutions that are best suited to meet those needs.
Sal Fama

Sal Fama

Account Executive

Sal Fama is an Account Executive on the Global Class Action Services team. He has successfully completed the Broadridge Management Training Program, working throughout Broadridge to deliver comprehensive solutions to its clients. Sal further brings a deep understanding of GCAS strategy and client needs, based upon his hundreds of hours of direct interaction with GCAS prospects and clients in this dynamic and complex market. As an Account Executive, he delivers value to clients through Broadridge’s holistic GCAS solutions and expertise.

Class Action Operations and Client Advocacy

Ed Barrero

Ed Barrero

Senior Client Relationship Manager,
Client Advocacy

Ed has 20 years of experience handling a broad range of class action administrations. He has managed complex, multi-million/billion dollar settlement administrations including such high profile matters as the US Petrobras, RALI, and Countrywide cases. Ed focuses on client satisfaction, with an emphasis on quality execution in all facets of the administration. His class action experience and expertise are highly accretive to his services as a client advocate to Broadridge Global Class Action clients.
Connor Cocopardo

Connor Cocopardo

Operations Analyst

Connor has been with Broadridge since 2014. With 6 years of experience, he manages the submission and reporting of claims for Broadridge Global Class Action Services. His extensive background in analytics and data allows him to guide clients through complex procedures and regulations, both domestically and internationally.
Maegan Delgiudice

Maegan Delgiudice, ESQ

Client Relationship Manager,
Client Advocacy

Maegan has nearly a decade of experience working in the class action administration industry. She has worked for a leading global class action administrator and has worked on multi-million/billion dollar settlements, with a focus on securities matters. With a degree in law, Maegan is detail oriented, highly responsive and takes pride in providing the best client service possible.
Patricia Elie

Patricia Elie, ESQ

Client Relationship Manager,
Client Advocacy

Patricia has more than 10 years of class action and remediation experience. During that time, she managed both multi-million-dollar settlement administrations in complex consumer and securities class actions and extensive regulatory remediation programs involving the financial services industry. Patricia’s experience in establishing relationships and effectively serving global companies, both financial and legal, will provide immediate value to Broadridge clients and further enhance the Broadridge client relationship model.
Jaime Firenze

Jaime Firenze

Senior Client Relationship Manager

Jaime, who has more than 15 years of class action experience, draws on her expertise to provide excellent client advocacy service to Broadridge Global Class Actions clients. Her time at a leading global class action administrator, during which she oversaw almost all SEC Fair Fund matters the administrator handled, gave her a highly refined insight into recovering money in SEC Fair Funds. Noteworthy matters she handled include SEC v. CR Intrinsic Investors, LLC, SEC v. Bank of America, N.A. and the Computer Sciences Fair Fund. She has also managed numerous complex multi-million dollar settlements, including Royal Ahold, Tremont Securities Law, State Law and Insurance Litigation, and the PokerStars Settlement.

Jack Keough

Associate Operations Analyst

Jack has been with Broadridge since 2018. With 2 years’ experience drawing on his analytic skills and finance background, he determines best case practices, recommendations and strategies for the management of claims processes in domestic and global antitrust cases.

Thierry L’amour

Operations Analyst

Thierry has 16 years of claims and noticing administration experience. As an experienced project manager in complex consumer and securities class action notice and settlement programs, he is proficient in program planning and execution.

Kathleen McGarvey

Client Relationship Manager,
Client Advocacy

Kathleen has been with Broadridge since 2008 and has been a critical contributor to filings in many securities class action settlements. With over 11 years of GCAS experience, Kathleen consistently partners proactively with clients to ensure best-in-class client service.

Saanjeet Persad

Senior Operations Analyst

Over the past 10 years, Sanjeet has held pivotal operations roles in the legal claims industry. He brings deep insights and best practices to the planning and coordination of large complex cases.

Raul Ramirez

Associate Operations Analyst

Raul has been with Broadridge since 2018. During his 2 years with the GCAS team, he has worked with both the Client Service and Operation teams on numerous projects. As a highly proficient relationship manager, Raul effectively supports client solutions and has guided clients from their initial on-boarding through the ultimate distribution of their claims.

Olivia Romano

Senior Client Project Administrator

Olivia has been with Broadridge since 2015 and brings 5 years of experience to the Broadridge Global Class Action Services team. She has managed class action distributions for hundreds of complex and high-volume cases. Her excellent communication and relationship- management skills have resulted in deep relationships with the leading global Claims Administrators, which benefit Broadridge GCAS clients through enhanced access to settlement information and facilitated communications channels for escalations.

Tara Taddoni

Senior Client Relationship Manager,
Client Advocacy

Tara, with nearly 15 years of class action experience, brings her knowledge on all things class action to provide excellent client advocacy service to Broadridge. She has managed complex, multi-million/billion dollar settlements, including in the WorldCom, Bank of America, and Citigroup Bonds cases. Tara’s career in the securities litigation market has been distinguished by mastery of complex subject matter, exceptional responsiveness and high levels of client satisfaction.

Fei Lu Qian, ESQ

Senior Client Relationship Manager,
Client Advocacy

Fei joined Broadridge with more than 15 years of securities class action litigation experience, representing public pension funds, Taft-Hartley funds, and other institutional investors in recovery opportunities. Fei has extensive experience in portfolio monitoring for institutional investors to identify asset recovery opportunities through securities litigation and in evaluating opportunities to maximize asset recovery as a lead plaintiff, class member, or an opt- out/direct plaintiff. Given his experience, in addition to serving as a client advocate, Fei supports all Broadridge clients through the global opt-in litigation process.

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