My Marketing Partner

Grow your business with a custom marketing plan executed on your behalf.

The smartest way to grow

If you’re looking to take your client prospecting and engagement efforts to the next level, this concierge marketing service was designed for you. With My Marketing Partner, you gain all the benefits of our Invest Package plus a dedicated marketing team from Impact Advisor Solutions who are prepared to build, execute and optimize your marketing and advertising efforts.

Together, we’ll take a deep dive into your practice, analyzing your current efforts and goals. Then, your Personal Marketing Advisor will get to work, developing a 12-month marketing strategy that’s tailored to your unique business needs. We’ll work with you to optimize your Invest Package solutions and execute campaigns and communications on your behalf, increasing your return on marketing investment (ROMI) while freeing up your time to focus on your clients. It’s like hiring your own dedicated team of marketing professionals, without the expensive price tag.

My Marketing Partner features

With this premium solution, you gain all the benefits of our Invest Package, plus an instant marketing team from Impact Advisor Solutions who work on your behalf.

  • Personal Marketing Advisor — Your point of contact works with you to establish, monitor, analyze and adjust your annual marketing plan
  • Marketing Audit & Analysis — The team will perform a comprehensive marketing audit of your business along with a thorough analysis of findings to determine what’s working and what’s not
  • 12-Month Marketing Plan Creation — Your Personal Marketing Advisor will work with data-driven specialists to handcraft a custom, holistic marketing plan for your business
  • 12-Month Marketing Plan Implementation — Your Personal Marketing Advisor will execute tactics from your marketing plan on your behalf
  • Optimization of the Broadridge Platform — Your Personal Marketing Advisor will fine-tune your Invest Package solutions to ensure that you’re leveraging each to its maximum potential

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my marketing?

To compete today, you need to be everywhere your clients are. By trusting knowledgeable financial marketing experts with your branding and marketing strategy, you keep your name and brand top o mind with your clients and prospects. Your marketing support team uses a thoughtful, methodical process that will create noticeable results and free up your time so you can focus on your clients.

What is a Personal Marketing Advisor (PMA)?

Your PMA is your point of contact with Impact Advisor Solutions. Available 5 days a week, your PMA will be able to answer questions you may have and assist with any updates or changes required. He or she will meet with you via teleconference every month to answer your questions and review your monthly and quarterly in-depth reporting. Essentially, your PMA is like having a Chief Marketing Officer.

Why do I need a marketing audit?

Simply put, things that get measured get done. Your marketing audit gives your Personal Marketing Advisor a clear picture of your current marketing efforts and their effectiveness. The results will be used to create a custom 12-month marketing plan for your business.

How do you monitor strategy success?

Impact Advisor Solutions keeps a watchful eye on each client’s 12-month marketing campaign. They use their own formulas in addition to industry best-practice formulas to track financial advisor strategy success. Your Personal Marketing Advisor reviews your progress and metrics each month, and again at the end of each quarter, to ensure the team is meeting the previously set marketing goals.

What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you monitor?

Impact Advisor Solutions will monitor many KPIs on your behalf. In fact, they’re too many to list! The main KPIs revolve around website and traffic metrics, search engine optimization, paid advertising and social media tracking. Your data is presented each month and again at the end of each quarter in your monthly reporting with your Personal Marketing Advisor.

Do you charge setup fees?

Broadridge waives its website setup fee for all My Marketing Partner clients. Impact Advisor Solutions also waives its setup fees. That’s a combined retail savings of $3,699!