Richer Content. Bigger Impact.

Use this checklist to verify that your content vendor sets you up for success.

Effective content

By Jim Walsh, Vice President, Content, Broadridge

Leading wealth managers understand the value of quality content. Insightful, informative material can be a key differentiator, helping firms stand out in a crowded market. Among other things, financial professionals use content to reinforce brand credibility, strengthen client relationships and drive the sales pipeline.

However, not just any content will do. There’s a premium today on building a results-focused content strategy across the entire practice. By supplementing materials created in-house with professional outsourced content, many firms now provide new value that strengthens relationships and drives new business.

Get the content you want for the business you need

In a time when clients are receiving more types of content from more sources every day, it’s imperative to find a partner who provides content that stands out and adds value. How can you be sure? Here’s a quick checklist to verify your partner delivers the content you need to maximize business growth.

1. Authoritative and insightful

Successful wealth managers help clients gain the perspective and insight they need to achieve their goals. The right content vendor can help you become an instant thought leader—one who regularly conveys deep industry knowledge and forward-looking expertise.

Verify that your content is produced by a team of experienced experts, including attorneys and financial advisors as well as tax professionals and industry insiders. Information runs through established industry networks—make sure your vendor is plugged in.

2. Timely and relevant

The best content should convey constant innovation and forward motion. That’s why it’s imperative for your vendor to produce fresh, relevant material that addresses hot topics and issues your clients care about most. When markets move, tax codes change and new regulations emerge, you need to be there with the right content at the right time.

In a recent national study conducted by Broadridge, nearly 25% of Millennials said they wanted weekly contact from their financial advisor. Confirm your vendor is always ready for whatever comes next with fresh content as well as evergreen content of the highest quality.

3. Educational and informational

Financial professionals deliver significant value when they help clients make better, more informed decisions. To that end, educational content should be accessible and written at an appropriate level. Content should serve to simplify complex ideas and plainly explain available options. Ensure your vendor provides genuinely meaningful and action-guiding content for every audience.

4. Compliant and FINRA-reviewed

FINRA-reviewed content is table stakes in the industry today. If your vendor is selling content that isn’t FINRA-reviewed—run, don’t walk. You need a vendor who understands your audience, your industry and the critical importance of compliant communications.

5. Multichannel and multimedia

Give clients more of what they want. Make sure your vendor delivers easily digestible content in multiple mediums: Blogs, articles, infographics, white papers, videos, etc. Verify that the content is optimized for—and shareable across—every channel: Email, web, social, text, etc. Finally, look for material tailor-made for every situation: Newsletters, alerts, tax guides, economic outlooks, greeting cards, social posts and more.

6. Fit-for-purpose content formats

Heading Alerts Illustrations
Articles Market Reviews
Calculators Newsletters
E-books Presentations
FAQs Short and Long Form Articles
Greeting Cards – digital and print Tables
Infographics Videos

7. Differentiated by audience

Market and regulatory news may have different implications for clients at different income levels. Military servicepersons, women, Millennials and other groups have distinct interests and needs. Your vendor should have the dexterity to create multiple pieces of content that reflect the unique audiences you reach.

Choose a partner who propels you forward

If your content vendor checks every box, you’re probably already a Broadridge client. If not, let’s talk. Our solutions empower professionals with on-demand access to a vast library of rich, relevant content. Plus, you can schedule when you publish your content—either on demand or “set and forget” for optimal flexibility.