Optimizing the Webinar Experience

Gain insight and motivation to create a successful workflow that pairs engaging content and technology to capture the attention of your contacts.

Optimizing the Webinar Experience

In-person seminars have historically been a leading prospecting tool for financial professionals. But in today’s digital-first world, financial advisors and other professionals have shifted to virtual events, making webinars an essential tool for firms to grow and retain business.

The “X” factor for webinars isn’t having access to technology; it’s knowing how to host and present a virtual event that has proven results: converting new clients and expanding existing relationships.

Join Dave Briggs to discover:

  • The tools and techniques that deliver the best attendee experience
  • Why Less is More in virtual engagements
  • The 3 biggest mistakes webinar presenters make
  • The top webinar topics that attract investors
  • How to convert attendees to appointments


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