Intermediary Fee Management

Manage third-party fees and oversight with a single system

Eliminate manual processes, enable faster reconciliation and provide a full audit trail by managing intermediary fees with a single, standardized system. Streamline operations across the entire management cycle for improved efficiency and transparency.

Harness the power of rules-based processing

Revport makes it easy to assign and calculate a wide range of distribution payouts and fees, such as management fees, agent rebates, sub-advisor payouts, or revenue sharing.

Rules-Based Calculation
Intermediary Oversight and Vendor Comparison
Specialized Dashboards
Reconciliation Reports
Simplified Fee Comparison
Trend and Sales Tracking

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Fund Budgeting and Accruals

Improve expense calculation and oversight
  • Helps funds calculate expense accruals and track budgeting
  • Real-time payment information
  • Automated budget accruals
  • Payment allocation to funds based on AUM, even split and defined rules

Advisor Targeting

Target advisors and broker dealers
  • Instant sales intelligence on RIAs and independent broker dealers
  • Compare funds to actual investments managed by RIAs or independent broker dealers efficiently

Enterprise Data Management

Enhanced resources for data management and analysis
  • Proprietary technology for normalizing and validating internal data
  • Easy integration of internal data with outside data from over 200 sources
  • Automated matching of third-party providers against company view

Save costs and find efficiencies with our revenue and expense management tool, Revport

Chris John, Broadridge's President of Revenue and Expense Management, discusses how Revport's rulebased technology creates a sophisticated workflow to bring greater efficiency to the firm.

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Boost accuracy, reduce errors, and save time

Efficiency gains through exception-based workflow and automation.
Decrease in manual and error-prone components of client billing processes.
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