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Matrix Advisor Services


Facing everything from regulatory changes and shrinking margins, TPAs are looking for ways to maintain and grow their businesses. Matrix helps ensure they have the right process in place to succeed. 


Our mutual fund and ETF trading platform delivers one of the most automated and cost-effective transaction processing platforms available. It features our TrueOpen Platform approach, offers more than 30,000 mutual funds and ETFs and helps provide a powerful competitive advantage for your advisers and brokers.

Eliminate the task of executing new mutual fund agreements for each trade.

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Satisfy the growing demand of customers.


The Broadridge suite of tools and services efficiently handles daily trading activity and interfaces with most of the major record keeping systems.

  • ModelTool(k)it

  • Mutual Fund Trading Platform

  • ETF Trading Platform

  • Trust and Custody

  • SDBAs Assets Held Away and Managed Accounts

  • Unitization Services

  • Level Compensation & RIA Payment Services

  • Sales Enablement

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