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GoalPath Portfolios

Select CITs by retirement date and risk profile

NOTE: Matrix Trust Company’s collective investment trusts (CITs), also known as collective investment funds (CIFs), are pooled funds that are investment options available to certain tax-qualified, employer-sponsored retirement plans and are not available to the general public. The fund information and fact sheets on this site are for institutional use only and are not for plan participants. The information contained within is not investment, tax or legal advice. Plans and their fiduciaries should consult with their own competent investment, tax and legal advisors.

The subadvisors managing these CITs are not affiliated with Matrix Trust Company. For information on risks associated with these CITs, please see the Fund Summary Document, the Global Risk Disclosure and the Declaration of Trust accessible through the links on the righthand side of this page and the Details for the CITs (Fund Fact Sheets) found below.

The GoalPath Portfolios are fifteen distinct and broadly diversified target date retirement CITs, each with a different combination of retirement date and risk profile. Each CIT is designed to achieve its objective by investing in a combination of growth assets (such as global equity and fixed income investments) and varying combinations of short- and long-term treasury inflation protected securities.

Subadvisor: Two West Capital Advisors, LLC

The GoalPath Portfolios utilize models developed by the subadvisor to the funds, Two West Capital Advisors, LLC. Two West manages for-profit and non-profit retirement plans, promotes financial wellness, offers wealth management services and offers partnerships. For more information, please visit

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