Proxy Policies & Insights

Take the complexity out of proxy voting

Broadridge Proxy Policies and Insights combines comprehensive insights, analytics and automation, so you can execute votes that align with your proxy policy guidelines faster and more efficiently. 

Our solution compiles the most relevant information in a single dashboard, providing everyone the tools, links and data they need to execute votes with confidence. With our proprietary EDGAR-sourcing capability, you can enhance your research, automatically analyzing each proxy against your policies and vote instructions.

  • Gain a new level of efficiency and control at every stage of proxy voting.
  • View consolidated input across SEC filings, benchmarks and industry trends.
  • Simplify and streamline voting with rules-driven automation.
  • Foster confidence in every decision, systematically generating client and board reports.

Facilitate governance: Create standing vote instructions based on your institution’s proxy policies. Simple tools make it easy to customize guidelines for specific proposal types and categories.

Enhance your analysis: Aggregate inputs from SEC DEF14A, 8-K and N-PX filings, so you can readily identify and benchmark your policies against key industry trends.

Streamline voting: Automate the easy decisions, and simplify those that require further review. Your dashboard highlights voting preference for each proxy question, taking into account standing instructions, management recommendations and voting trends. When questions arise, you can easily route insights, research and proposed vote instructions to key stakeholders.

Expedite reporting: See how each vote compares to your policy, instructions and management recommendations. A complete audit history helps to ensure voting consistency and can be used to present proxy report cards to your board.  

Discover an easier way to execute votes that align with your proxy policy guidelines. Contact us today and learn how Proxy Policies and Insights can simplify every decision.

Proxy Policies and Insights

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