Proxy Policies & Insights

Ensure that every vote reflects your values

Institutions have a fiduciary responsibility to cast their proxy votes in a way that maximizes shareholder value and supports good governance. But with thousands of complex proposals to consider in a brief timeframe, assessing each proposal on its merits can seem like an insurmountable challenge.

Broadridge Proxy Policies and Insights simplifies the proxy voting process, combining comprehensive data, analytics and automation to help you execute votes that consistently align with your proxy policy guidelines—faster and more efficiently than ever.

Now you can execute your fiduciary obligation and cast votes that promote good governance—easily and effectively—with a data-driven solution from Broadridge.

Our solution compiles the most relevant information in a single dashboard. You can view upcoming meetings, total ballots and voting deadlines across your entire holdings, with instant access to the tools, links and data you need to vote with confidence.

Easily create and customize voting guidelines

Now it’s easy to establish guidelines that align with your firm’s objectives.

  • Start with our baseline of industry best practices
  • Easily customize guidelines for specific proposal types and categories
  • Systematically generate voting instructions that match your policy

Automate research to drive more informed decisions

Packed with the latest data, documents and voting histories, Proxy Policies and Insights gives you the in-depth information and analysis you need to make more informed decisions—without the added expense. You can understand trends, compare votes by peer groups, and track specific securities over time.

  • Leverage our EDGAR-sourcing capabilities
  • Quickly review detailed issuer information
  • Put advanced voting analytics at your fingertips

Take full control of your proxy votes

Bring more insight and less effort to the proxy voting process. Proxy Policies and Insights automates administrative functions—keeping track of meeting dates and voting deadlines, obtaining proxy statements and generating reports—so that you’re free to concentrate on making the right decision.

  • Streamline voting
  • Review instructions and exceptions
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Generate accurate reports in seconds

Make proxy voting automatic

Looking for an even simpler solution? We offer a module that includes standard voting instructions on hundreds of common management and shareholder proposals. Just login to ProxyEdge and cast your vote—it’s that easy. Learn more.


Proxy Policies and Insights:  A solution you can trust

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