What you need to know about the SEC's
Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) regulation.

Implementation of CAT is more than a regulatory requirement—it is an opportunity for firms to achieve greater business value and operational advantage. Get started today. Use these regulatory reporting guides to ensure a smooth implementation.

Understand the complexities

High data volume, shifting timelines and large changes in technical and processing flows create challenges. Applying the right technology solution will give firms an advantage.

Is your firm ready? Learn the top challenges in meeting CAT requirements.

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Determine the right solution

Delivering a full-service CAT reporting solution requires a robust platform with critical CAT reporting features. Consider these six must-have features when assessing technology options.

  • Agile Data Ingestion
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • Mutualization
  • Scalable and Flexible Architecture
  • Traceability, Visibility and control
  • Data management Support

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Leverage the opportunity

A reporting solution should evolve with the firm — changing around business needs rather than just compliance events — and turn the cost of doing business into actual business value.

Discover the key to managing CAT regulation strategically.

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Transform with confidence

The right combination of industry knowledge and technology expertise gives firms the ability to discover new opportunities, avoid potential obstacles down the road, and find innovative ways to leverage CAT to create business efficiency and growth.

Re-evaluate your business operations through CAT:From audit trail to opportunity.

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Gain business value

Consider a CAT reporting solution for future asset expansion and regulatory compliance that simplifies current platforms, reduces costs and enhances operating models.

Stay on track by taking a strategic approach to CAT.

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CAT will receive data on

58 billion

daily transactions.

$50.7 million

Estimated cost of CAT implementation.

CAT implementation is both a challenge and an opportunity.
Don't miss the chance to gain competitive advantage in the market.

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