Get more from your operations

Answers to 4 questions you should be asking

"A 20 percent drop in stock market valuations could destroy the business models of many asset managers over the next five years."

—Chris Fedele

Senior Director, Global Technology and operations management, broadridge

1. How can collaboration help us identify and leverage industry best practices?

For true operational transformation, asset managers require help from technology leaders. Ask for solutions that effectively cut costs, streamline processes, and eliminate redundant and outdated systems.


2. How do we tackle the industry’s biggest challenge: data standardization?

Trade groups, regulators and technological partners must take a bold, industry-wide approach to creating standardized, extractable data that works across platforms. Shifting processes will pave the way for innovative technologies like blockchain that securely eliminate the middleman while ensuring data integrity.


"Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions, but virtually everything of value."

—Don and Alex Tapscott

authors of Blockchain Revolution2

3. What are the best ways to integrate new technology into operational transformation?

  • By creating a foundation that will allow you to adopt new and emerging capabilities such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning (RPA) and cloud computing more easily.
  • By finding industry partners to share costs and risks, and provide faster processes and managed services.
  • By eliminating and streamlining processes for applying new solutions across the industry.

4. What barriers must we overcome to succeed?

The biggest barrier is firm-level complacency and lack of incentive to evolve. Internally, firms must clearly perceive the benefits that can be achieved by investing in human capital, technology and automation. Externally, firms must invest in collaboration with their competitors, regulators, technological leaders and trade groups to create and implement best practices.


In the next 10 years, $1 trillion could shift from active to passive management, according to Morningstar.3 Your choice of a technology partner directly impacts your success.

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