Confirmation Matching

Through Broadridge’s Reconciliation Matching, your firm can benefit from a confirmation matching solution that automates the processing of your trade confirmations with unbeatable match rates from the earliest point in the pre-settlement cycle.

You can take full advantage of powerful matching technology that provides true three-way, real-time matching for counterparty, customer and broker confirmations, while intelligent features such as ‘self-learning’ matching rules ensure that manual effort is kept to a minimum.

Highlights include:

  • Match confirmations automatically, regardless of source
  • Increase operational efficiency through streamlined processing for all trading activities including FX, money markets, FRAs, precious metals, IRSs, currency options, OTC derivatives, CLS and even conversational trades
  • Improve productivity and exception handling with easy-to-use workflow and self-learning matching rules
  • Boost your customer service through web-based direct customer affirmation capabilities

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