Post Trade Processing, Simplified

Global Post Trade Management streamlines post-trade processing and management for the entire trade lifecycle across multiple asset classes, markets, currencies, and business entities via a unified platform, from trade capture through matching and confirmation, clearance and settlement, cash management, reconciliation, asset servicing, books and records, accounting and regulatory reporting.

Broadridge’s Global Post Trade Management solution supports multiple asset classes, including equity, fixed income, foreign exchange, money market, exchange-traded derivatives, and trade financing.

Key Capabilities

  • Data Fabric - Aggregates all post-trade processing data from Broadridge and third party systems, enabling effective data management and a comprehensive view of financials and risks
  • Unified Portal - Standardizes operations to support post-trade processing lifecycle (clearance and settlement through accounting) across asset classes and markets, reducing support resources and costs
  • Global Position Manager - Provides a real-time view of a firm’s settled and unsettled trades and positions across asset classes, markets and entities, supporting securities financing, collateral and liquidity management
  • Global P&L -  Produces a firm’s realized and unrealized P&L, enabling consolidated financial management
  • Global Sub-Ledger - Delivers a consolidated sub-ledger, reducing risks and efforts associated with integrating multiple sub-ledgers with a corporate General Ledger

Solution Benefits

  • Innovations built on proven capabilities – Deployed to drive scale, performance, flexibility, and growth
  • Built for agility – Component-based architecture offers the agility to deploy new capabilities quickly and cost-efficiently, while enhancing supportability, scalability and portability
  • Platform for growth –  Supports easy integration of third-party applications and data, enabling deployment of value-added capabilities
  • Harness power of data – Consolidates data from Broadridge and third party systems across securities transactions, addressing the informational demands of regulators, risk and finance functions
  • Global connectivity – Clears and settles trades in over 70 markets worldwide
  • Streamlined operations and infrastructure – a consolidated enterprise platform streamlines operations and infrastructure, while supporting diverse operational models and complex regional variations

Broadridge Advantage

  • Proven expertise – Built on five decades of experience in delivering post trade processing for hundreds of capital market firms
  • Conversion experience - Broadridge has converted more than 60 institutions onto our post-trade processing solutions
  • Flexible deployment – The solution can be deployed in a Broadridge-hosted environment or as a managed service
  • Managed services - About 30 clients on a multi-tenant technology platform supported by a shared pool of capital markets operations professionals
  • Certified SaaS offerings - one of only nine US financial industry providers to receive ISO 27001 certification

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