Distribution Manager

More accuracy and insight.  Better Intelligence.  Growth.

The Distribution Manager Platform is a powerful rules-based enterprise solution for brokers and financial intermediaries that aggregates, integrates and consolidates your firm’s sales and asset data.

Built on a solid foundation of unprecedented data aggregation services, Distribution Manager provides you with consistent and reliable information from ONE data source. You will gain valuable information and insightful business intelligence that will help you harness the power of your data and turn it into an essential business tool.

Create the perfect fit for your distribution management by selecting the appropriate modules to fit your needs, including:

  • Improve invoicing accuracy and revenue forecasting with Fund Invoicing
    Enables your operations, finance and accounting teams to streamline the calculation, tracking and invoice generation and reporting of revenue earned across all business lines.
  • Monitor sales and trends across products with Sales Reporting
    Provides sales, marketing and product management with the ability to analyze, track and report sales and asset trends through this data management and enterprise reporting solution.
  • Help ensure regulatory compliance with Compliance Monitoring
    Allows you to monitor sales activities and manage business risks by aggregating data to automate fee disclosure requirements and reporting.

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