Service Updates

Data Security

Data security is a high priority at Broadridge. As we expand our use of technology to interface with clients to share sensitive information or provide access to Broadridge systems, we have taken a proactive approach to manage our data security interface. Below are some recommended securities guidelines around data security:

  • Submit access requests such as new user account creation, password resets, removal of Administrative suspends and terminations of users via email through your designated Broadridge Relationship Administrator.
  • Requests to terminate users having access to any Broadridge application (e.g., ICS Online Campaign Manager at are to be sent to your Broadridge Relationship Administrator as soon as possible to deactivate their user IDs.
  • Periodically advise users with access to Broadridge applications that sharing of user IDs and passwords is not permitted. Always provide your CSR with the contact information for your designated backup for all things related to Broadridge data security administration.
  • Periodic review or recertification of users and their associated access is strongly recommended to ensure appropriate access.
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