Wealth Management

Broadridge helps wealth management and advisory firms grow their business, increase productivity, gain insight, and strengthen client relationships. Through our market-leading technology solutions, we provide advisors with access to communications and a better investor experience, all while giving them a more streamlined, efficient, and effective process.

We help advisors succeed with support from a wide range of market-leading solutions designed to support them in their practice management and business development, including:

  • Financial planning and education
  • Marketing and investor communications
  • Productivity tools
  • Account and client management
  • Retirement and 529 Plans
  • Data, intelligence, and reporting
  • Revenue and expense management

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Broadridge Works

Trillions a day in financial settlements and over 1 billion investor communications sent in 2011. With over 6300 associates globally, Broadridge delivers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for the financial industry.

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