Information Security

At Broadridge, we understand that information security is vital to you and your customers. We have created a comprehensive information security program designed to ensure that your confidential information is protected from unauthorized disclosure, access, destruction, tampering and loss.

Information Security Includes:

Defined, written and implemented Information Security policies, standards and procedures. Enterprise security metrics program designed to verify effectiveness of Information Security policies, standards and procedures.

Comprehensive Data Loss Prevention Strategy identifies and protects Broadridge and client sensitive data at the perimeter, desktop and datacenter.

Comprehensive Application and Network security programs that includes internal and third-party assessments of critical systems and applications.

Encryption of data transmissions over public networks; as well as encryption for all mobile devices including laptops.

Separation of production, test and development networks to enforce appropriate boundaries to protect your information.

Comprehensive Incident Response plan with an emphasis on containment and damage mitigation. The Incident Response Plan is evaluated regularly to verify its efficacy.

Broadridge offers advanced authentication solutions to meet our clients' single sign-on and identity management needs. As part of this value added service, Broadridge offers custom authentication solutions designed to reduce the number of accounts/passwords while our identity management solutions assist with managing the lifecycle of user accounts. The combined solutions are designed to assist our clients with complying with industry regulations and laws.

Defined Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) with information security stages and gates.

Established Security Committees - executive council, management committee audit council committee with associated roles and responsibilities and governance structure.

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