FundFlash: July 2016

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FundFlash: July 2016

FundFlash is a concise, two-minute read of the month’s key industry developments for busy fund professionals. This edition is a snapshot of the European trends in July 2016.


2016 will go down in the asset management history books as a year of predictable volatility.
With most retail investors standing once again on the sidelines, the market is dominated by
sophisticated investors positioning and re-positioning their client portfolios to take short-term
profits but with minimal risk exposure. Their anticipation of central bank actions is a primary
driver that has led, once again, to an explosion of support for bond products. Thus, after June’s
Brexit-led sales collapse, investors jumped back into bonds betting that the consequent
upheavals would (a) delay any immediate rate rises by the US Fed and (b) force further
intervention by the ECB.

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