Summary Prospectus and Web Hosting

Simplify Your Summary Prospectus Delivery the Broadridge Way

As the first service provider to answer the fund industry’s demand for a comprehensive, automated summary prospectus solution, Broadridge provides access to all related documents on the EDGAR system in accordance with SEC requirements. Today, Broadridge still leads the way as we meet your industry’s summary prospectus delivery and web hosting challenges through our combination of world-class print and e-fulfillment capabilities; our vast industry document warehouse; our proprietary technology; and our proven linking methodology.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Complies with SEC Rule 498 for summary prospectus delivery and web linking methodology
  • Leverages a mature, industry-proven solution for print, electronic and web display
  • Choose among three flexible options to support your summary prospectus hosting needs
  • Web-enabled access to your documents across all major mobile devices
  • Same-day hosting of fund documents for urgent communication needs
  • “EDGAR-check” capability assures accuracy of client-supplied PDFs
  • Static URLs that ensure each document remains associated with the same link

Discover Three Flexible Options

  1. Layered Disclosure Website with EDGAR HTML filings delivers all documents as sourced from the EDGAR database in HTML format with client configurable options for branding and messaging. Also includes a summary prospectus PDF generated by Broadridge.
  2. Layered Disclosure Website with Client-Supplied PDFs only is an all-client-branded PDF display that delivers a fuller customer experience. Designed for marketing-centric organizations that want to ensure identification of their brand at both the document and web presentment level.
  3. Layered Disclosure Website with Hybrid Offering, a combination of the Options 1 and 2 above, with EDGAR-sourced HTML document display and a link to client-branded PDFs for the same EDGAR (HTML) documents and for “print-and-save” purposes.

Summary Prospectus Options image

Your Solution to Manage Summary Prospectus is Here

Able to support private-branded PDFs supplied by clients, Broadridge is one of the only companies that can check the compliance requirements for all related documents against the latest filings on EDGAR for presentment accuracy. Whether you are constructing your first summary prospectus or searching for a more reliable, cost-effective solution, look to Broadridge.

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