Electronic Prospectus

Prospectus Express®

E-delivery compliance document fulfillment with daily EDGAR updates.

Prospectus Express® is the industry's only web-based data warehouse providing investor access to an online library of compliance documents sourced daily from the SEC's EDGAR database. Document coverage includes summary prospectuses, statutory prospectuses, supplements, semi-annual and annual reports, and statements of additional information (SAIs) for every open-end mutual fund, exchange-traded fund (ETF), exchange-traded note (ETN) and unit investment trust (UIT) sold in the United States.

A comprehensive investor-communications solution, Prospectus Express enables brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and retirement plan providers to deliver web access to these documents at every phase of the investor life cycle:

  • Pre-Sale – Enables brokerage firms to give visitors on their own corporate website transparent access to Prospectus Express.
  • Point of Sale – Enables financial firms to give an individual investor an electronic link to the appropriate document in Prospectus Express after the investor makes an online transaction. The electronic link is either in the online transaction screen or an embedded email link.
  • Post-Sale – Enables financial firms to collect and maintain electronic consents, and then provide ongoing electronic delivery of disclosure documents to investors holding a fund or making ongoing contributions to their fund position.


All U.S. open-end mutual funds All U.S. exchange-traded funds (ETFs) All U.S. exchange-traded notes (ETNs) All U.S. unit investment trusts (UITs)


  • Comprehensive investor lifecycle communications solution
  • Lowest cost delivery option, providing significant savings over traditional bulk print
  • Web-based ASP solution with minimal implementation requirements
  • Consent management and consent awareness campaigns available as optional services
  • Easily integrates with PostEdge for a total e-delivery, web presentment, document hosting and archival solution

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