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Electronic Document Distribution

  • Our PostEdge® e-delivery solution puts just about any electronic correspondence in your clients' reach quickly, efficiently and securely. Broadridge can manage it all - from obtaining consents, maintaining an electronic delivery preference database, document posting and archiving, to integrating e-delivery with printed distributions.
  • PostEdge® eliminates outdated methods of archiving statements, confirmations, and reports.
  • Electronically stored documents can be accessed by clients and internal users via the Internet.
  • Retrieval of old statements, trade confirmations and tax documents is fast and simple.
  • Central document repository is cost efficient.
  • Web-based system means no fees associated with special hardware or software.
  • Helps satisfy SEC retention and archival requirements.
  • Web-based platform enables all centralized and remote users with standard Web browsers to access documents.
  • Dual hosting and disaster recovery methodologies ensure virtually 100% system availability.
  • Website design customizable to display your company's identity and can stand alone or be incorporated into your existing website.
  • Security access can be controlled on correspondent, branch, region, office manager, and account executive levels, and can be integrated into existing security schemes.

Investor Mailbox

Broadridge offers the financial community a wide range of e-delivery solutions to put communications in the hands of your customers quickly and cost efficiently. We’ve created Investor Mailbox to streamline multiple delivery channels into a single-visit financial portal that investors will find on your website.

Investor Mailbox brings together all the information and functionality offered through ProxyVote®.com, InvestorDelivery®.com,, PostEdge® and our prospectus fulfillment system into one location, creating optimum client and staff access to regulatory delivery notices, day-to-day account and investment information, and convenient response tools.

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