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Quarterly Market Review: June 2018

Review the highlights of the second quarter of 2018 and get tips to help you focus your next quarter with this video.

In the markets over the second quarter, the Russell 2000 was the top performer with returns over 7.4 percent and Nasdaq was second at 6.3 percent. However, year to date, the Nasdaq remains the top-performing index at 8.8 percent.

Our review of the second quarter is now in a video format. It provides an economic overview, including GDP growth in the U.S., now at a 2 percent annual rate, and the uptick of inflation to 2.8 percent in May, trends that contributed to the Federal Reserve's decision to raise rates by 0.25 percent in June.

We also discuss the international markets, including tariff talk results, the growth of China and the falling growth of Europe. 

For Q3 the recommendations are to continue to monitor trade policy as well as inflation, jobs and consumer trends, especially since unemployment and inflation has been on the rise over the past few months of Q2.