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Act Today. Impact Tomorrow.

Act today. Impact tomorrow.

Only about 30% of individual shareholders' shares are voted. We understand, too many investors believe their vote doesn't make a difference. After all, only 14% of U.S. households own individual stocks directly.

Turns out, 14% is bigger than it seems. 

Act today, Impact Tomorrow

The math is plain. If everyone voted their shares 100% of the time, individual investors could hold tremendous sway over corporate governance. 


You can join millions of other investors encouraging corporations to enact socially- and ecologically-responsible business practices.

According to the 2017 ProxyPulse report, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues like climate change and board diversity were key topics of interest for investors. 

Take Action

Consider attending an annual meeting virtually or in person. There, you’ll learn more about the company you invested in and have the opportunity to express your views directly.

In addition, any shareholder with $2,000 worth of stock is permitted to submit a shareholder resolution for vote. Resolutions that achieve around 20% of the vote tend to earn a formal response from management.When you multiply voices, you get louder. Be heard.