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About Broadridge

Broadridge SFCM FastStart

Broadridge SFCM FastStart

Broadridge Securities Finance and Collateral Management (SFCM) is the most functionally complete front-to-back SaaS solution for Securities Finance, used widely across the global buy and sell side stock lending, repo and collateral trading markets today.

Whether you are at the smaller end of the market, starting a new Securities Finance business line or a larger, established market participant considering a legacy replacement there is a natural tendency to assume that you may need to compromise on a solution; that it’s too costly to buy or complex to spin up. One thing is true - there is a core Securities Finance competency needed whether you’re starting a new book with a handful of trades or migrating an enterprise level global operation – or if you simply wish to evaluate changing your business model.

We’re here to tell you that it can be cost-effective, doesn’t have to be complex and that you can secure the functionality you need.

The way forward is to access SFCM via our new FastStart program. Whatever your needs, FastStart is focused on getting you there quickly. Broadridge can deliver a clean, SFCM FastStart platform and train you to use it in just 2 weeks. It’s a core Securities Finance foundation at a low price point, with a minimal initial integration footprint, ready for use and phased expansion of integration and automation as your business grows.

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Broadridge Fast Start Benefits

  • Price: Low entry point, attractive monthly cost
  • Terms: Accessible month to month contract in initial period
  • Speed: FastStart can be spun-up in 2 weeks for up to 6 users
  • Simplicity: UI-based, on-demand ETL & data management toolkit
  • Core: Trading, Inventory & Collateral Management, Billing, Reporting, P&L for Repo & SBL
  • Infrastructure: ‘All in’ Broadridge AWS SaaS, DR, BCP, Support & Managed Service
  • Scale: Expand to Full Service SFCM through:

        - Cost - Pay for expansion points only when requirements & budgets allow.
        - Integration - Hook in where you need to, when you need it.
        - Modular growth - Use only the parts of SFCM you need, when you need them.
        - Knowledge - Combine FastStart with Broadridge’s Consultancy Practice experts.

"SFCM FastStart represents simplification and streamlining of securities finance at its most pure. Move quickly with Broadridge, then scale as your needs and budgets allow."

"SFCM FastStart is a live tool capable of cutting through complexity to your true core needs. Understanding where complexity reduction has the greatest effect can be challenging, and may require some help. This is where Broadridge’s consulting practice comes into play."

Broadridge Consulting

Broadridge has a global consulting practice which provides expert professionals to act as design experts, project managers, business analysts, project management office (PMO), developers and testers. In the current climate providing Solution Design & Project Augmentation gives our clients the ability to deliver on their business plans and meet their financial objectives, rapidly. An example of this is where Broadridge harnesses our own FastStart environments, providing both platform and consultant augmentation to offer ‘Testing as a Service’ to our clients when they need it. This is a further FastStart value-add service you could also access very easily.

We have long worked with our clients to help them create new infrastructure, business processes and completely new businesses, allowing us to attract talent with the skills to continue this practice. SFCM is fully front-to-back in functionality- for buy and sell side alike- and so are our staff. Having completed 50+ client rollouts we can see the big picture and tame complexity.

Broadridge Consulting Approach

• An expert consulting team who bring their experience

• Work with you to understand your needs

• Provide guidance quickly and efficiently

• Operational support from Broadridge associates to allow you to concentrate on BAU without FTE increase

• Our experience reduces complexity and provides an objective new viewpoint

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