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Money in Motion 2 BROADRIDGE Broadridge helps institutional asset managers harness the power of big data to navigate a complex marketplace, uncover new opportunities and make confident decisions for their business. WHAT IT IS • Money in Motion provides asset managers with actionable insight into the market through detailed, customized asset, flow and revenue data. • Broadridge’s collective intelligence methodology produces accurate, complete information that can be analyzed by channel for a true picture of market share and share of flows. HOW IT WORKS An eight-part service with two core elements: 1. Money in Motion Online: Series of interactive digital dashboards that help you measure institutional asset flow, identify and size opportunities, and analyze intermediaries. 2. Money in Motion Benchmarking: Benchmarking report that ranks your business and tracks changes in your market share and share of flow across region, product and client group. $19 trillion Institutional Flow >500,000 Institutional Agreements 100,000 Investment Products 100,000 Segregated Accounts >100 Clients 70% Market Coverage BROADRIDGE MARKET INSIGHTS 2018 Money in Motion is delivered as an eight-part service designed to help members interrogate, socialize, interpret and act on our robust data set: MONEY IN MOTION SERVICE DATA Bespoke Data Appendix Access to the underlying data set customized to meet your information needs Benchmarks Detailed market share, rankings and market positioning metrics Market Matrix Sizing for key segments by both total and addressable assets to measure the full market opportunity and evaluate the coverage of the Money in Motion data set against the full market ONLINE Online Dashboards Full access to an interactive suite of online dashboards for selected regions PARTNERSHIP Tutorial A webinar tutorial designed to help members optimize the use of Money in Motion Online, our web-based platform, with practical guidance and tips. Expert Access Access to our team of experts to help design bespoke dashboards, build benchmarking reports, and handle custom information requests. INSIGHTS Workshop Presentation Annual bespoke workshop designed to highlight themes and trends, add anecdotal color to market developments from our team of experts, and facilitate an informed discussion. Quarterly Trend Report Regional report designed to highlight the key trends and themes that have emerged from the Money in Motion data set each quarter. We leverage expertise from our Market Insights solution to interpret the drivers behind data, explore business implications and project forward to the future. 4 BROADRIDGE Money in Motion Online facilitates access to a series of interactive digital dashboards that intuitively present trends, themes and essential metrics within customized segments of the institutional market. It benefits asset managers in five core business areas: MONEY IN MOTION ONLINE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Identify and predict institutional demand for product styles, strategies, asset classes and investment destinations. Make critical product development decisions based upon robust, reliable data. SALES Optimize resourcing decisions by knowing which products to focus resources on and adopting realistic sales targets. MARKETING Understand the changing behavior of global institutional investors, adopt meaningful strategies and allocate resource effectively. STRATEGIC DECISION MAKING Move first on opportunities in new markets and product sets and make valuable decisions that are well-informed. CLIENT Respond quickly to the changing needs of your clients, identify client segments which may be at risk, and marshal resources to maximize retention. BROADRIDGE MARKET INSIGHTS 2018 MONEY IN MOTION ONLINE OPPORTUNITY HEAT MAP Visualize changing AUM and asset flow opportunities for institutional asset managers Answer questions such as: • Where are the largest existing pools of assets? • Which asset classes, regions and client types are seeing the largest flows of new assets? • Which is the largest market for multi-asset products? • Which client segment is seeing the largest inflows into high-yield bond products? ASSET TRENDS Compare new money flow and asset growth side by side. Answer questions such as: • How does the flow into fixed income products compare with equities in 2016? • What is the relationship between emerging and developed market flows over the last three years? • How do flows from Japanese institutions into active products compare with passive? • Which client types in which regions saw the largest net flow last year into offshore products? “ Robeco is proud to be one of the founder members. More transparency on institu- tional market flows enables us to respond more quickly to market demands. This further strengthens our client servicing.” – Marco Gruiters, Robeco 6 BROADRIDGE MONEY IN MOTION ONLINE CONSULTANTS Displays the prominence of consulting intermediaries and ranks them by flow and total assets in customizable segments of the market. Answers questions such as: • Which consultant allocated the most clients into emerging market products last year? • Which market segments have the lowest level of consultant intermediation? • Which consultant advised the most assets into alternative strategies last year? • How many EMD mandates came from local consultants? FACT SHEETS Applies a product, market or regional lens to our full data set and presents key metrics on an easily extractable two-page fact sheet. Answers questions such as: • What are the key pieces of intelligence surrounding liquid alternatives? • How can I easily share with my CEO all the data we have surrounding unconstrained fixed income products? • Are active equity fund flows from U.K. pensions predominantly in local currency? BROADRIDGE MARKET INSIGHTS 2018 MONEY IN MOTION BENCHMARKING Benchmarking provides essential business measures and market positioning metrics for institutional asset managers looking to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their business. Benchmarking makes a valuable contribution to many business areas, including: Business Strategy Identify the areas of your business which are outperforming the market in terms of flow and growth, apply resources more effectively and evidence strategic business decisions. Product Management Decide which products to focus resources on by truly understanding their position relative to market demand. Sales management Shape remuneration levels and structures around more accurate measures of performance. Business Management Measure how your business is performing across different products, clients and markets by measuring your market share and share of new asset flows. BENCHMARKING Benchmark share of total assets and new asset flows across different asset classes and client types with this detailed, country-level market share report. Answers questions such as: • What is my share of the U.K. pension market? • What was my share of flows into multi-asset strategies last year? • What is my market share of multi-asset credit flows from European investors? • Have I out-performed my competitors in winning emerging market debt flows? 8 BROADRIDGE MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS AND FEES FULL SERVICE • Money in Motion Service £20,000/$30,000 per region per annum • The serviced offering gives members full functionality and support. • This includes all the service elements described on page 1. MONEY IN MOTION TEAM Broadridge has an extensive global team of experts with experience at leading consulting, asset management and research firms such as Cambridge Associates, Cerulli, Deliotte, Barings, Watson Wyatt, GE Capital, Datamonitor, FRC, GlobalData, Investit, Intersec and Kae. Nigel Birch, Head of Distribution Solutions Will Mayne Senior Director, Market Insights Yoon Ng Director, Global Market Intelligence Louise Ashmore, Head of Client Relations Thomas Marsh Director, US Business Development Philip Robinson Director, Client Relations Linus Gustafsson, Senior Database Administrator Sam Dunne, Senior Consultant Jonathan Libre, Senior Insight Consultant Maxim Waller, Senior Insight Consultant Robert Kelly, Insight Consultant Hal La Thangue, Insight Consultant Fionntan O’Hara, Insight Consultant REGION SERVICE (GBP) SERVICE (USD) EMEA £20,000 $30,000 APAC £20,000 $30,000 Americas £20,000 $30,000 Discounted global package price £50,000 p.a. $80,000 p.a. BROADRIDGE MARKET INSIGHTS 2018 PROJECT TIMETABLE AND EVOLUTION Global development story Money in Motion has now been established in EMEA and APAC, we are now extending our data sharing syndicate in the Americas. In each region we first launch a Beta version while we grow our sample. The full version follows shortly afterwards. REGION 2016 2017 2018 EMEA • • • APAC • • • Americas • • • • Data sharing syndicate building • Beta version • Full version 10 BROADRIDGE DATA COLLECTION FORM We collect information on the following data points via a simple Excel spreadsheet: DATA POINT DESCRIPTION EXAMPLE Agreement Date of upload The quarter in which the agreement was signed Q1 2014 Unique agreement identifier A code which will enable us to identify and track agreements but keep the client identity confidential 12456 Who Client type The type of institutional investor Corporate DB pension plan Third-party or affiliated Funds managed on behalf of a parent or internal or external client Third party Client location The country the institutional investor is based in starting with EMEAregion USA Intermediary The name of the consulting intermediary should one have been present Towers Watson What Name of strategy/fund The name of the fund or the strategy Falcon Absolute Return Broad asset class High-level asset classification Fixed income Niche asset class Granular asset classification within the broad asset class Government Style More detailed style of investment strategy being employed within the broad asset class Active – Long-only Fundamental Return objective The return objective for the agreement Benchmark relative -core plus Guarantees Where applicable, whether there is capital protection/CPPI or a guarantee No Fund of funds Where applicable, whether the agreement is fund of funds or manager of managers No Investment destination The country or regional focus of the investment Global How Vehicle The vehicle through which the client is investing: segregated mandate or pooled fund Segregated mandate Domicile If applicable, the domicile of the vehicle USA Term If applicable, the term of the vehicle Open ended Legal structure The legal structure of the vehicle FCP Regulatory structure The regulatory status of the vehicle UCITS Currency The currency of the underlying investment USD Value Assets AUM of the agreement ($m) 111 Inflow The inflow during the period ($m) 7 Outflow The outflow during the period ($m) 0 © 2018 Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc., Broadridge and the Broadridge logo are registered trademarks of Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. AM_00004_BR_18 Communications Technology Data and Analytics Broadridge, a global fintech leader with over $4 billion in revenue and part of the S&P 500 index, provides communications, technology, data and analytics solutions. We help drive business transformation for our clients with solutions for enriching client engagement, navigating risk, optimizing efficiency and generating revenue growth. CONTACT US To future discuss the information in this document, please contact: EMEA Direct Dial +44 (0) 20 3411 7315 APAC Main Telephone +65 9006 6564 Americas Main Telephone +1 617 820 3632