Corporate Governance Investment Analytics

Improve corporate governance insight

Make more informed investment decisions and improve benchmarking with DirectorInsight, an interactive tool that provides analytics on corporate governance, including executive compensation, performance and company policies.

Empower decisions with data and tools to analyse board members

From screening companies and boards for risks to appointing directors and setting executive pay, DirectorInsight provides the data you need to efficiently analyse governance and leadership.

Analyse Company Boards
Perform Peer Group Analysis
Assess Governance Risks
View Compensation Data
Screen for Interlocks
Align Pay-for-Performance

Transform Governance Decision-Making

Learn how DirectorInsight's data and analytics gives you the information you need to make informed corporate governance and investment decisions.

How We Can Help

Enhance insight of board expertise

Profiles of European listed companies.
Profiles of directors and executives, including compensation data.
Years of historical data.
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