Rapid Onboarding

Dramatically speed onboarding while minimizing your effort

Enjoy the benefits of the Broadridge Communications CloudSM quickly and efficiently with our patented onboarding technology and approach. Our clients experience cost savings and business efficiencies while gaining faster access to our omni-channel communications solution and network.

Experience faster, easier onboarding of your customer communications

Without sacrificing flexibility or features, you can onboard your existing print communications more efficiently with Rapid Onboarding.

Cuts Onboarding Time by Up to 65%
Minimizes Workload and Effort
Supports Omni-Channel Delivery
Offers Full Address Correction

Learn more about our patented Rapid Onboarding solution:

  • Enables print image communications to be prepared for omni-channel delivery
  • Reads documents like a human — but with software and artificial intelligence
  • No need to change your document-generating software, document formats, envelopes or controls
  • Requires little to no involvement of your technical resources
  • Finds and extracts data from images without any ambiguity
  • Transforms the extracted data into a fielded data element

Reimagine Communications

Reimagine essential communications as an opportunity to drive customer engagement, efficiencies and business results.

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