Proxy Policies and Insights

Bring greater insight and efficiency to proxy voting

Cast proxy votes that maximize shareholder value and foster good governance. Our flexible solution simplifies the voting process by combining comprehensive data, analytics and automation in a single efficient interface.

Ensure that every vote reflects your values

Proxy Policies and Insights is a user-friendly web tool that simplifies the proxy voting process by helping you quickly execute votes that align with your proxy policy guidelines.

Customize Guidelines
Automate Research
Simplify Governance

Four Ways to Use Proxy Policies and Insights

Automate Proxy Voting

Meet your fund's voting objectives and vote with minimal effort

  • Access standard voting instructions on management and shareholder proposals
  • Pick a template that matches your proxy policy
  • Get data-driven guidelines in ProxyEdge, then vote

Modify Policy Rules When Necessary

Simplify voting and modify rules as needed

  • Execute votes and build policy rules using your own template and guidelines
  • Modify policy rules as necessary with our support
  • Vote in ProxyEdge

Total Custom Policy Control and Research

Greater control and convenience, plus more information and insight

  • Create custom policy rules that match your institution's proxy policy
  • View voting trends and analytics from previous proxy seasons
  • Vote in ProxyEdge

Review Analytics for Greater Insights

If research is your only need, we can help automate it

  • Review relevant data on every meeting and proposal from prior voting seasons
  • Create custom searches for a deeper dive into the data
  • Share insights and analytics with team members
  • Present reports to management

An Introduction to Proxy Policies and Insights

Facilitate proxy voting with robust tools to customize guidelines, automate research and simplify governance.

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