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About Broadridge

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Broadridge Digital Information Onboarding

High Velocity Client Information Management

Broadridge Digital Information Onboarding (formerly Inform) makes information better by transforming the client information management function. Broadridge Digital Information Onboarding is Broadridge’s secure end-to-end onboarding solution. It enables high velocity client onboarding and protects your client data by eliminating paper and reducing expensive and risky integration layers. From client onboarding to ongoing relationship management, from front office to back-office, it makes the capture, flow, storage, accessibility and management of client information more accurate and automated. That makes your firm more efficient, and gives you more time to focus on what matters most – your clients.

“Broadridge Digital Information Onboarding is a client information management solution that drives real business value”

Enhanced Operational Excellence

  • Seamlessly integrates with Broadridge’s book of record systems (Dataphile or other) or can integrate with other systems
  • Supports compliance by providing advanced insights into client information
  • Mitigates risk by reducing errors and non-compliance


  • Dynamic interface that ensures the entry of correct, complete information
  • Rules-based engine that presents required forms and eliminates the need to duplicate and re-enter data
  • Electronic audit trail and reporting to meet your business needs


  • Electronic workflow experience for application approvals
  • Accurate data drives business velocity
  • Decreases the number of unstructured touch points with operations
  • Automated document archival and retrieval integrated with PostEdge
  • Decreases the delay between a submitted application and the account opening
Features of Broadridge Digital Information Onboarding

Better Client Experience

  • A modern, efficient, respectful process – because first impressions count
  • Digital signing makes account openings convenient, especially when multiple signatures are required on multiple documents
  • Optional CRM integration supports a better client experience from account opening through the entire relationship (including annual KYC updates, account maintenance, client initiated updates, and more)
  • Drives excellence in ongoing relationship management

Better Advisor Experience

  • Modern, web-based design and intuitive dynamic interface makes it easy to train and easy to use
  • Built-in efficiencies give your advisors more time to focus on their clients
  • Built for use on a desktop or mobile device – lets your advisors work from anywhere (including annual KYC updates, account maintenance, client initiated updates, and more)
  • Drives excellence in ongoing relationship management

Solution Features

  • Web-based client onboarding platform, support for all of your forms
  • Built on Broadridge’s next generation web platform, which has support for all modern web browsers including mobile devices (e.g. tablet)
  • Sophisticated, client-programmable rules engine
  • Forms are added to the application as required
  • Intelligent data re-use that pre-populates data between forms
  • Quick click navigation to jump from form to form
  • Web KYC applications dashboard to see applications in flight
  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get dynamic forms preserve the look and feel of your existing onboarding forms
  • Submission check sheet highlights to show advisors what fields still need to be populated, and direct links back to individual form pages
  • Start an application and resume it from anywhere, right where you left off
  • Electronic signature support
  • The ability to attach digital media to the application, like a void cheque or driver’s license, reduces the friction of account opening
  • Compliance personnel have easy access to applications at any point in the approval process
  • Auto-populate form data based on image recognition of driver’s license (for supported jurisdictions)
  • Assists compliance department by automatically checking government databases for potential red flags

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