Data Management and Archival

Make your member communications data smarter

Transform and apply member data across documents and channels while supporting retention requirements in a secure, searchable and easily accessible environment. Broadridge Data Management and Archival helps healthcare companies transform data into member and communications insights.

One data input supports omni-channel communications

Data Management and Archival is a comprehensive, compliant solution that helps healthcare companies optimize and distribute omni-channel content according to member preferences, business rules and industry regulations.

Enriches Document and Preference Data
Enhances Indexing and Tagging
Streamlines Batch Loading
Offers Rules-Based Retention
Provides Robust Search and Retrieval
Supports Archival Regulations

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One data input, multiple benefits

  • A single repository to support all channels, from digital to print
  • Accepts data in any format where it is standardized, indexed and tagged
  • Indexing and tagging are tailored to meet corporate retention and reporting needs

  • Data can be stored in multiple formats to support multiple data access requirements
  • AES 256-bit encryption and SEC 17a-4 compliance

Reimagine Communications

Reimagine essential communications as an opportunity to drive member engagement, efficiencies and business results.

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