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Increase prospect-to-client conversion

  • Compliance-Integrated Tool
  • Build Trust with Prospects
  • Gain Referrals
  • Reclaim Lost Web Traffic
  • Polished, Professional Ads
  • Targeted Approach

Detailed Information

Welcome to customized digital advertising made easy and affordable. Connect online and often with your clients and prospects by advertising your brand and delivering best impressions about you and your practice. This is the only compliance-integrated digital advertising tool available today.

With two solutions that drive brand recognition and results, you can enhance your digital presence while also driving more traffic back to your website — and all it takes is two minutes of your time.

This solution is included in these Packages:

Eliminate Common Referral Roadblocks

Stay top-of-mind with past clients and referral partners to help boost future recommendations. With this targeted digital advertising approach, you provide a list of your most important contacts, and they will see your ad while they browse various websites and mobile apps. Through these targeted ads, you are able to move beyond the common referral challenges, thanks to:

  • Minimal time commitment to launch the campaign
  • Ads that create gentle, non-intrusive referral reminders
  • Ongoing presence that makes you the financial professional they think of first, even if you haven’t talked in years

Bring Visitors Back to Your Site

Only 2% of website visitors convert on their first visit. Now you can present digital ads to your qualified prospects after they visit your site. With this targeted approach, your ads will display for your website visitors as they move to other sites and mobile apps — all in just a couple of simple steps:

  • Upload your ad design or use one of the simple templates
  • Set a click-through webpage to redirect people back to your business website
  • Start retargeting

User-Friendly Setup and Editing

Whether you decide to pursue referrals, reclaim lost web traffic or achieve both objectives, you are able to save time with polished, professional, pre-built ads that are easy to edit and update:

  • Review, approve, and start acquiring leads
  • Edit your ads as often as you want, for free
  • Use pre-built ads or get creative and make your own
  • Create different ads for various groups in your network
  • Streamline the compliance process with built-in compliance review

Keep Up with Your Changing Network

This service allows you to effortlessly sync your networking and advertising efforts, and constantly add contacts to your campaign:

  • Simply send an email with the email addresses you want to add—no special formatting required
  • Add up to 5,000 contacts



Retail Pricing:

Select one solution or choose to utilize both to drive traffic and referrals to your website.

$25 per month
+$74.99 one-time set-up fee
$49-$99per month
+$84.99 - $98.99 one-time set-up fee

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