FundPOINT® Suite

FundPOINT® Suite

The only Web-based data and desktop solution sourced daily from the SEC’s EDGAR database.

The Broadridge FundPOINT® Suite is the only solution set that is designed to provide brokerage firms, retirement plan providers, service providers, and insurance companies with an advisor network with EDGAR-sourced timely, accurate data, based on the funds they sell and service. The FundPOINT Suite increases organizational efficiency and enhances the investor experience with these "best-in-class" solutions:

  • FundPOINT® Data – A unique compliance solution offering an unmatched combination of fund coverage, depth of data, accuracy, and timeliness. With FundPOINT Data powering your securities master, your trades are cleaner with fewer errors and less regulatory uncertainty because the mutual fund trading rules used across your firm come from the definitive source – the SEC’s EDGAR database.
  • FundPOINT® Desktop – A Web-based, "paperless" solution that simplifies the process of selling mutual funds while greatly improving your sales practices at the point of sale. Using proprietary disclosure management technology, FundPOINT Desktop delivers the most relevant mutual fund information that’s needed during a sales transaction sourced daily from the SEC’s EDGAR database.
  • FundPOINT® Share Class Analyzer – A Web-based tool to help advisors assess the appropriate share class of a mutual fund, and print out a point-of-sale disclosure form designed to meet SEC proposed Rule 15c2-3 requirement.
  • FundPOINT® for 529 Plans – Simplify sales and increase revenues with an “end-to-end” 529 transaction solution that facilitates plan-to-plan comparisons, conducts share class suitability analysis, calculates fees and commissions, and provides point-of-sale disclosure.
  • FundPOINT® Research – A comprehensive Web-based library of current and historical documents for mutual funds, variable annuities and ETFs going back to 1999.
  • FundPOINT® Monitor – is a Web-based e-mail daily alert and information tool that notifies you the changes affecting the funds or stocks you sell.

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FundPOINT® Suite

A Data and Desktop Solution that's accurate, comprehensive and EDGAR-sourced.

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