Smart Prospectus® – Canada

Smart Prospectus has cost-effectively simplified the fulfillment process. Investors are provided with consolidated trade confirmations and, when required, customized prospectuses and other required documents. Only information relevant to an investor’s trade is digitally assembled, printed, bound together, and mailed as a single package.

  • Print-on-demand or electronic delivery
  • Personalized and consolidated package containing all trades made by an investor in a day
  • Stand-alone trade confirmations are consolidated by investor account into one mailing
  • Trade confirmations are delivered together with required trade-related prospectus elements
  • Prospectus information is customized to contain only those elements related to the specific trade
  • A personalized letter to each investor reinforces the dealer’s/broker’s brand on the package
  • Document fulfillment suppression for subsequent trades when an investor has already received a current document

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