Customized Shareholder Communications

Broadridge provides the fastest most cost-effective management and distribution route between you and your shareholders.

Regulatory requirements have increased the need for a higher value customized communication that clearly differentiates each issuer to its shareholders. The need to improve the flow of information to shareholders, build trust and provide important business materials has also increased.

Broadridge, enables you to:

  • Easily reach beneficial and registered shareholders, employees and other key audiences with timely information.
  • Strategically coupled with electronic delivery, only Broadridge can eliminate duplicates between registered and streetname shareholders.
  • You manage the communications, Broadridge manages the process. Broadridge facilitates the complete process from document composition to document distribution. Let us create the document, or you provide the pre-printed material.
  • Simply give us the files that contain the information you want to send and we will create a self-mail document and mail it for you. Several formats are available (simplex, duplex and quad).
  • Or, supply us with your own pre-printed materials (letters from the chairman, direct mail communications, newsletters etc) and use our mailing process. This is a hybrid application that utilizes our mailing technology to eliminate duplicates and consolidate documents to households.

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