Total Proxy Management from Voting through Disclosure

ProxyEdge is Broadridge's suite of electronic voting services that help simplify the management of institutional proxies. The system manages the process of meeting notifications, voting, tracking, mailing, reporting, record maintenance and even vote disclosure rules enacted by the SEC.

ProxyEdge allows you to manage, track, reconcile and report your proxy voting through electronic delivery of ballots, online voting, and integrated reporting and recordkeeping to help you satisfy SEC requirements. And, the recent integration of vote recommendations provided by Glass Lewis provides you with even greater efficiency and control over the timing and method of vote execution.

ProxyEdge provides proxy information through an automated electronic interface based on share positions provided directly to Broadridge by your custodian, bank or broker-dealer. For positions not held at banks or broker-dealers that are Broadridge clients, Broadridge can take holdings directly from the institution to provide a comprehensive view on ProxyEdge of all positions for that institution.

ProxyEdge is available in two service levels: Standard and Premier.

Standard Proxy Management

Paper Reduction

  • Broadridge will suppress individual sets of hard-copy proxy material provided on an account by account basis, and will mail just one set per meeting
  • URLs to company websites containing proxy material are provided, where available, from the issuing company 

Voting Views and Options

  • ProxyEdge displays individual account share positions. At your discretion, ProxyEdge will vote accounts individually, just a selection of accounts, or all accounts at once
  • Our quick vote tool allows you to vote the same way across all proposals with one click
  • Access to fully integrated vote recommendations provided by Glass Lewis, with full control over the timing and method of vote execution (from auto-execute to hold for review)
  • Ability to include free-format vote comments for inclusion on your own reporting
  • Standing instructions can be set by market and you can override your standing instruction at any time prior to vote deadline 

E-mail Alert

  • Receive an e-mail alert when there is a new or amended meeting to review
  • Alert can be distributed to up to five (5) different e-mail addresses
  • The alert service can be turned on and off at your discretion


  • Online real-time access to your entire voting record
  • Report options include voted and unvoted meetings, the inclusion of account specific information, the ability to analyze data, and download and extract your reports
  • Provides reports that are designed to be in compliance with SEC regulations for registered investment advisors (206(4)-6 and 30b1-4)
  • Ability to attach manual ballots to meetings for recordkeeping and reporting purposes 

Multiple User Access and Customization

  • Institutions can assign and maintain access for multiple users within their organization
  • Various levels of user access can be determined (e.g., voting, reporting only, etc.)
  • Each user can customize and sort their screen displays of meetings and ballots 

Third-Party Research

  • Online access to meeting specific research from multiple research providers (for existing third-party research subscribers)

Premier Proxy Management

The premier service provides subscribers with all of the standard features, plus:

Advanced Voting Options

  • You can determine account groups to reflect different voting policies and practices
  • Ability to record your voting comments at the meeting, ballot and individual proposal level

Policy Management

  • Customized policies and guidelines can be associated with proposal categories and can be automatically assigned to a proposal vote 

Advanced Standing Instructions

  • Ability to create and maintain standing instruction options according to your preset guidelines and proposal categories
  • Can be set to vote on the proposal, meeting type and market level
  • Standing instructions can be overridden with a new vote submission 

Record Keeping and Advanced Reporting

  • Integrated record keeping automatically builds a complete database of votes from which you can instantly retrieve a record of how you voted and why
  • Policies, guidelines and comments can be attached to vote decisions for internal recordkeeping or external disclosure of voting decisions
  • Data can be extracted from any of the reports for further analysis and trend tracking 

Meeting Access

  • Access is provided to all shareholder meetings regardless of your portfolio

Proxy season can be the most frustrating part of the year, but it doesn't have to be. ProxyEdge will help you streamline operations, save time, satisfy SEC requirements, and meet deadlines for voting. Broadridge continues to make proxy season a better experience, allowing you to dedicate more of your time to your core business.

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