95% of Investors are Already Online. Shouldn’t Their Investor Communications be Online Too? 

Broadridge has helped numerous mutual fund, annuity and retirement plan providers with a consent management program to gain client acceptance of eDelivery. These providers not only save substantial printing and postage expenses, but now have a network through which they can conduct marketing campaigns and track response and resulting revenue. Our suite of eSolutions can enhance the investor experience; improve operational reporting and controls while resulting in substantial print and postage savings.

Broadridge provides a full suite of eDelivery and consent management solutions to help mutual fund, annuity and retirement plan providers start leveraging eDelivery for regulatory and marketing communications.   Broadridge’s Prospectus Express, Variable Products Express and Consent Express provide patented technology and best-in-class capabilities for investor disclosure, consent management, eDelivery, while our Investor Mailbox offers a central portal for all e-communications, fully integrated within your website.

eSolutions “At A Glance”:

Prospectus Express – A “best-in-class” e-delivery compliance document fulfillment solution – featuring daily updates from the SEC’s EDGAR system – that can help significantly reduce delivery costs while improving investor service.

Key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive investor lifecycle communications solution
  • Lowest cost delivery option, providing significant savings over traditional bulk print
  • Web-based ASP solution with minimal implementation requirements
  • Easily integrates with PostEdge® for a total eDelivery, web presentment, document hosting and archival solution

Consent Express – A complete solution for electronic consent collection, archiving, and management servicing that reduces costs, meets ESIGN requirements, and is custom branded into your websites.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced transaction costs by eliminating paper, printing and postage
  • Meets ESIGN and regulatory requirements for eDelivery
  • Custom branded for seamless integration and transparency with a client’s website
  • A patent-protected process for consent collection unique to Broadridge
  • Variable Products Express – A simple web-based solution that links product contracts to all subaccounts, and enables easy integration of the summary prospectus.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduces the complexities and internal resources required to source compliance documents
  • Creates a better investor experience
  • Promotes electronic consent and eDelivery
  • Includes all U.S. registered variable product contracts and subaccounts

Investor Mailbox – A hub for all your e-communications that enables investors to view all their communications in one place on your branded website.

Key benefits include:

  • Total integration with your brand within a single, secure web service
  • Complete control of your customer experience
  • Higher eDelivery sign-up rates to help migrate investors from paper to electronic quicker
  • The ultimate bridge to 100% e-communications

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