Statements, Confirmations & Tax Documents

Statements, Confirmations & Tax Documents

While getting transaction confirmations, account statements and tax related documents in the hands of individuals may sound relatively simple, it is actually a complex process in today's competitive marketplace. The demands of timely, accurate and efficient processing and the pressures to supply shareholders, employees and individuals with clear, concise communications elevate every firm's document management responsibility.

Broadridge is the single-source solution for all of your document management needs. We enable over two billion communications every year, fulfilling the most complex financial, healthcare and benefits communications. Able to handle high volumes in short periods of time, our teams are especially adept at regulatory mailings, tax and other transactional document distribution.

Composition & Design Services

Reengineering the graphic presentation and format of account statements and other documents helps better service individuals, and can trim down production costs.

  • Our proven development methodology can be applied to multiple industries.
  • Reports we provide you confirm our receipt of the statement data and the final distribution.
  • Ability to accept multiple data feeds from various service providers.
  • Incorporation of a summary page makes finding information easy.
  • Highlight color makes critical information more pronounced, while full process color is available for special applications such as high net worth client statements.
  • Charts and graphs provide a clear, pictorial snapshot of account status.
  • Special messaging areas for targeted or selective alerts.
  • Recipient information can be repeated on every page and can appear in different locations and formats on each page.
  • Use of fonts specific to your firm help reinforce your brand image.
  • Colored paper or pre-printed stock can further reinforce your firm's image.


Broadridge is well known for its wide array of digital print capabilities, a reputation we work hard to maintain. We produce statements for the brokerage, mutual fund, insurance, banking, and health and benefits industries.

  • Our digital print capabilities range from highlight color to full process color.
  • Selective inserting allows enclosure of specific inserts to targeted or segmented audiences.
  • Broadridge's acquisition of IBM's output services business, with locations in Texas and Ohio, expanded our print operation to offer you even greater capacity and service.
  • Our extensive print operation is accustomed to the time-critical production of documents to help meet government and industry regulations, such as T+1 or open enrollment season.
  • Documents can be printed using electronic or preprinted forms.
  • Resources and equipment on hand around the clock allow us to handle even extraordinary and unexpected peaks in production volume.
  • State-of-the art equipment including IBM and Océ printing systems.
  • Dynamic statement consolidation incorporates multiple-input feeds.
  • Quality control checks ensure accuracy.
  • Landscape, portrait, simplex, and duplex print methods offer optimal flexibility.
  • Ability to print statement inserts and newsletters.
  • We demonstrate a strong commitment to our business by investing in the latest statement technology.

Traditional & Electronic Distribution Methods

Our comprehensive distribution capabilities accommodate both print and electronic documents.

Print Material Distribution

  • On-site postal station moves material quickly from production into the U.S. Postal System.
  • Postage pre-sort service maximizes postage savings.
  • High-speed intelligent inserting equipment handles the most intricate packages.
  • Eight print operation locations (MA, OH, TX, NJ, MD, IL, two in Long Island, NY and one in New York City) allow material to be produced as close to its destination as possible, closing the gap between request and delivery.
  • Superior quality control is designed to ensure the right materials are getting into the right hands.

Electronic Document Distribution

  • Our PostEdge® e-delivery solution puts just about any electronic correspondence in your clients' reach quickly, efficiently and securely. Broadridge can manage it all - from obtaining consents, maintaining an electronic delivery preference database, document posting and archiving, to integrating e-delivery with printed distributions.
  • PostEdge eliminates outdated methods of archiving statements, confirmations, and reports.
  • Electronically stored documents can be accessed by clients and internal users via the Internet.
  • Retrieval of old statements, trade confirmations and tax documents is fast and simple.
  • Central document repository is cost efficient.
  • Web-based system means no fees associated with special hardware or software.
  • Helps satisfy SEC retention and archival requirements.
  • Web-based platform enables all centralized and remote users with standard Web browsers to access documents.
  • Dual hosting and disaster recovery methodologies ensure virtually 100% system availability.
  • Website design customizable to display your company's identity and can stand alone or be incorporated into your existing website.
  • Security access can be controlled on correspondent, branch, region, office manager, and account executive levels, and can be integrated into existing security schemes.

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