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Our print-on-demand capabilities help you create targeted messages for different constituencies and avoid maintaining massive inventories that may or may not ever be used. Print-on-demand, despite its benefits, isn’t always right for every situation. You can rely on Broadridge to recommend the right combination of print technology to reach your marketing objectives, as cost effectively as possible.

Broadridge gives you a competitive advantage, a custom solution driven by your business objectives. That solution is framed in print and electronic messages that do more than simply present data, educating your readers and inspiring them to take action. Your Broadridge creative team – content, copywriting, and graphic design professionals – works with you to customize and personalize pinpoint-targeted messages and achieve a superior response.

Broadridge maximizes the power and consistency of your print and electronic messages by:

  • Determining how communications can better support your business objectives.
  • Identifying opportunities for enhancements.
  • Developing alternatives that capitalize on these opportunities.
  • Implementing enhanced and new products.


Targeted messages — presented in a visual format and a verbal tone just right for the intended audience — get results.

With the Broadridge approach to on-demand communications, you can target both selected groups and individuals. For example, you might:

  • Announce a new group voluntary insurance benefit under your health & welfare benefits plan.
  • Customize a message for all retirement plan participants who aren't contributing the maximum allowable.
  • Personalize a projection to an investor over age 50 who is not making catch-up contributions to show how catch-ups could increase a projected account balance by age 65.
  • Co-brand investor communications for a new financial advisor.

Innovative Products

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to the impact of on-demand customized and personalized communications. View representative samples of the products made possible by the Broadridge approach to financial services communications:

Retirement Plans

  • Enrollment materials
  • Targeted mailers
  • Fund sheets

Retail Investors

  • Welcome kit
  • Literature request materials
  • IRA rollover kits
  • Asset allocators
  • Fund sheets/books
  • 529 plan communications

Health and Benefits Programs

  • Enrollment kits
  • Welcome kits
  • Statements
  • Trade confirmations
  • HR communications
  • Marketing materials
  • Tax Documents
  • Other transactional documents

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

  • Carrier, employer, and individual communications

Financial Intermediaries

  • Broker-dealer kits
  • FA sales-support materials
  • Fund-specific selling tools

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