Tax Allocation Management Solution

Multi-State Tax Management

Access Data Multi-State Tax Management is an innovative solution that helps Mutual Funds and ETFs obtain an accurate view of tax obligations in all 50 states.  It provides unprecedented transparency to the underlying data held in omnibus accounts across distribution channels. 

Multi-State Tax Management taps into Broadridge’s expansive database of industry market data across distribution platforms.  It organizes and tabulates account data by geographic location to calculate revenue and sales factors by state and product.  Tax managers no longer have to rely on rough estimates to determine state taxes and mange state nexus status.

Know the State Things are in

With an expansive database of asset position information and innovative analytical tools, Multi-State Tax Management:

  • Provides access to account position information to identify assets by state
  • Calculates revenue at a product and state level
  • Eliminates spread sheets and manual tax calculations
  • Provides substantiating details for state tax department inquiries
  • Helps to manage state nexus status

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