Sales Reporting

Report third party sales by firm, office and rep

Access Data SalesVision® eliminates the lengthy time lag between transactions and reporting, providing business managers with detailed, accurate and timely information. SalesVision automates the delivery of current multi-channel sales and asset information on-line and in the context users in sales, marketing, operations, finance and compliance need to manage, analyze and monitor sales activities.

A comprehensive approach to sales management and analysis

SalesVision provides business users with the flexibility to access information based on specific business requirements. Its unique design enables users to rapidly implement complex allocation, computational and reporting features to:

  • Provide detailed sales information by transaction and account
  • Monitor and report sales by firm, office and rep
  • Analyze sales and assets by channel
  • Measure market trends
  • Evaluate sales trends and maximize sales returns
  • Automate and streamline the reporting process

Easily Integrate Reporting with Leading CRM systems

SalesVision can be integrated and synchronized with your CRM system to provide your wholesalers a total view of client activities and sales results.  Current and historical sales and asset information is automatically linked with client contact information so that your sales teams can measure the effectiveness of special programs and activities.

The support for single sign-on provides access to SalesVision directly from your CRM system.  Additional SalesVision standard reports, dashboards and profiles for firms, offices, products and financial advisors are just a click away.

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