Wholesaler Compensation

Wholesaler Compensation

Automate Wholesaler Compensation

Access Data SalesVision® is the only computational and reporting solution to eliminate the lengthy time lag between transactions and reporting, providing detailed, accurate and timely information needed to streamline wholesaler compensation reporting. SalesVision automates the delivery of current multi-channel sales information on-line and in the context sales and finance users need to automate the calculation, tracking and reporting of wholesaler compensation.

SalesVision allows management to easily define, maintain and change wholesaler compensation rules by sales type, or by individual sales representative.

SalesVision enables you to

  • Calculate and track wholesaler compensation by individual sales person
  • Base wholesaler compensation on gross and net sales, asset growth, and average assets
  • Override the calculated wholesaler compensation results
  • Report wholesaler compensation on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Audit all changes and results
  • Create "what if" analysis

Compensation Management 

  • SalesVision automates the wholesaler compensation management process by providing: 
  • Definition and maintenance of wholesaler sales compensation rule sets 
  • Wholesaler compensation results monitoring by rules and rule sets 
  • Assignment of salespeople to one or more wholesaler compensation rule sets 
  • Security that limits who can create and maintain wholesaler compensation rules and rule sets 
  • Sharing of wholesaler compensation results with other systems such as human resources 

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