Securities Financing & Collateral Management – Anetics

Broadridge’s Securities Financing Solutions -Anetics delivers a comprehensive securities lending capability that enables trading desks to perform all core trading activities while streamlining processes to simplify operations. The solution supports all securities lending activities, including trade entry, returns and recalls, mark-to-market operations, equity finance, automated dealing, position management, and fee/rebate allocation.

Client Values

  • Simplicity and efficiency in managing trade positions, inventory, and stock locations
  • Direct access for your customers, enhancing customer service
  • Streamlined straight through dealing and automated workflow
  • Support short-sale locates with full audit trail
  • Inter-system and cross-platform connectivity

A Modular, Scalable Solution

Through a modular design, the solution can be tailored to meet your firm’s unique requirements.

  • Static Data – the core module for managing a security master with all securities attributes and user access
  • Marketplace – real-time and rules-based marketplace that connects the firm’s needs, including trading partners’, with the available inventory supply
  • Affirmative Determinations – manages the execution of a Short-Sale Locate, supporting manual and automated rules-based requests and issues, with exception reporting available
  • Contract Analysis – analyzes open stock borrow/loan contracts and identifies opportunities for position upgrades and refinancing. Delivers a consolidated view on positions, balances, credit, risk, profit and loss
  • Contract Maintenance – front-end trading system supports new borrows, loans, returns, rate changes and other contract activities in real-time and connects with bookkeeping system
  • Rebate/Fee Allocation – manages the beneficiary trading account allocation of the income and expense associated with security finance or stock borrow/loan
  • Auto-Borrow/Loan – manages unattended bilateral borrowing and lending processes, supporting all industry interfaces
  • Recall Management – manages recall activities with visibility to all open recalls
  • Broker Trade Activity – provides report on available-to-lend, need-to-borrow, recommended recall, and may-return activities, gaining visibility to the trading impact on future positions and requirement
  • DTC Box Monitor - monitors all receives and deliveries for pending/made status in real-time, showing exactly what you have and don’t have in position

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