Treasury Management

Real-time Trading and Sales Activity Support

Broadridge FXL’s Treasury Management module supports real-time trading and sales activities for an extensive collection of asset classes. Our module can be configured as a stand-alone solution or integrated with Broadridge FXL’s position management and back-office solutions.

Our solution offers many benefits including:

Flexible, real-time platform

Trades are captured, updated and displayed in configurable entry screens and blotters that can be viewed individually, across asset classes or amongst asset classes. Automatically updates positions, calculates P/L for all asset classes and generates GL postings. Confirmations, statements and cash settlements are generated when user-defined workflow criteria are met.

Core data model supports multi-asset class transaction processing

By consistently handling all product types using a single set of shared reference data, firms can obtain a consolidated view across asset classes on all position information, process settlements, confirmations and accounting. Plus, there is more flexibility to add new products to the system with minimal effort.

Consistent workflow across all asset classes

All asset classes leverage the core functionality of Broadridge FXL including immediate inquiry of activity, real-time updates of position blotters, P/L, interest rate re-fixing, payment schedules, settlement instructions, netting, confirmations and accounting.

Reduce over exposure to risk

Broadridge FXL’s Treasury module offers integrated real-time limits functionality. Users can define transaction, position and settlement limits for counterparties, currencies, countries and traders. Gross and daily settlement limits can be configured by class, organization unit and limit currency. Users also have the ability to add fees to any type of transaction and to calculate customer, broker, and exchange fees.

Superior rules-based reconciliations and exception management

SWIFT-accredited reconciliations validate, enrich and match transaction or position data throughout the entire financial transaction cycle, for any type of financial instrument across all internal systems and external agents.

Automate matching of trade confirmations

True three-way, real-time matching for counterparty, customer and broker confirmations, while intelligent features such as ‘self-learning’ matching rules ensure that manual effort is kept to a minimum.

Gateway to the global SWIFT network

A seamless two-way interface between any host system and the SWIFT network, featuring automated message generation, reply processing, communication and advanced workflow control for trade initiation, confirmation, securities, treasury, payments, corporate actions, statements and proxy voting.

Supported asset classes:

  • Foreign Exchange including Spot, Forwards, Swaps, NDFs, Time Options, Block Trades
  • Money Markets. Deposits, Loans, Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Paper, Federal Funds and Banker’s Acceptances. Note: Money Market instruments can be traded in any currency
  • Internal Arbitrage. Swaps and Swap/Hedges
  • Cash Management. Call and Notice Accounts, Demand Deposits, Nostro Management, Income and Expense Adjustments, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Futures. Currency, Interest Rate, Bond, Energy, Agriculture, Index and Metals Contracts
  • Exchange Traded Options. Currency, Bond, Interest Rate, Index
  • FX OTC Options. Vanilla and Exotic Currency Options such as knockin, knockout, double knockin, double knockout, no touch, one touch, double no touch, double one touch, reverse knockin and reverse knockout
  • Unallocated Metals. Trade processing for metal contracts on futures exchanges and for unallocated metals against any currency

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